Keith Levene Died At 65: How Did The Founding Member Of The Clash?

Keith Levene Died At 65: How Did The Founding Member Of The Clash?
Keith Levene Died At 65: How Did The Founding Member Of The Clash?

Keith Levene Died At 65: Keith Levene, an innovative guitarist who founded the Clash and Public Image Ltd., died at 65. Levene, who had liver cancer, died at home in Norfolk, influencing British rock music.

How Did The Founding Member Of The Clash?

The Slash, Public Image Ltd cofounder and guitarist Keith Levene dies at 65

Musicians praised his post-punk influence after his death. Levene, along with band manager Bernard Rhodes, encouraged Joe Strummer, vocalist of the 101ers, to join the Clash when he was 18.

Julian Levene, from Muswell Hill, north London, was with the Clash long enough to play early gigs and write songs like What’s My Name on their 1977 first album. He left the Clash’s political turn and found success with PiL.  (known as Jah Wobble). Wobble remarked in 2012 that John chose Keith wisely.

 First Issue, their 1978 album, reached No. 22 and was preceded by the Top 10 hit Public Image. Metal Box, their 1979 second album, is a post-punk classic. The lineup brought innovative post-punk, dub, freeform jazz, and classical music to the Top 20 with varied drummers.

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In 2012, Levene commented, “People thought I was classically trained, which was bollocks. I tried E minor with the E chord. Lydon’s music was served. He was trendy and performed great work.”.

The Quietus called him “one of the architects of the post-punk sound, his guitar technique inhabiting a gap between jagged roughness and pop opulence” in 2021.

Levene enjoyed constructing guitars and writing a book about PiL with Adam Hammond. His companion, Kate Ransford, said he died “peacefully, settled, cozy and loved” alongside his sister, Jill Bennett, and her husband.

The second high-profile rock music death in 24 hours. Hawkwind co-founder Nik Turner died at 82 on Friday, a spokeswoman said.

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The Oxford-born multi-instrumentalist “the Mighty Thunder Rider” “went away quietly at home,” according to a social media statement. “He has moved onto the next part of his cosmic journey, accompanied by the love of his family, friends, and admirers.”

He traveled Europe and studied the saxophone in his early 20s after serving in the merchant marine. Free jazz in Berlin convinced him that self-expression was more essential than skill. I wanted to play a rock band with free jazz. Levene, who had liver cancer, died at home in Norfolk

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