Keith Flint, A Star Singer, Used Drugs Before Apparently Committing Suicide

keith flint cause of death
keith flint cause of death

Flint was born in Redbridge, London, on September 17, 1969. He first heard of rave music around the end of the 1980s (a party where dance music is played). He frequently performed dancing in The Barn. Liam Howlett was a DJ who was present. Keith made contact with Howlett and obtained material that was authored by him as well as recordings of one of his DJ sets. Because Howlett’s own work was of such high calibre, Flint suggested starting performances with him and two additional dancers. The Prodigy was created when MC Maxim Reality was added to the lineup as the MC.

Keith Flint death cause

Keith Flint, the lead vocalist of the Prodigy, hanged himself and had undefined levels of cocaine, alcohol, and codeine in his system at the time, according to information from an inquest.
On March 4, the 49-year-old man was discovered deceased in his North End, Essex, home.

Flint was discovered hanging at his home by a friend, according to the coroner’s officer, Linda Calder, who spoke during the brief inquest hearing on Wednesday in Chelmsford.

She said that a postmortem examination found that the singer had hanged herself and that cocaine, alcohol, and codeine were found in her system.

Caroline Beasley-Murray, the senior coroner for Essex, left the case with an open verdict and added, “We will never completely know what was going on in his head on that date.”

Net worth

Keith Flint was born on September 17, 1969. He is a singer, dancer, and motorcycle racer. At the time of his passing, he was 53. Keith Flint’s net worth was reported to be $15 million. 2019 saw his passing.


English singer and dancer Keith Flint is best known for being the lead singer and founding member of the electronic dance band “The Prodigy.” He not only had his own band, “Flint,” and a motorcycle racing team, “Team Traction Control,” despite the fact that he sang lead vocals on several of their songs. Most people remember him for his odd appearance, which included several tattoos, several brightly colored mohawks, and heavy eyeliner.

‘Firestarter’ is without a doubt his greatest enduring hit. The musician, who had been struggling with painkiller addiction, was discovered dead at his house after what appeared to be a hanging suicide. The public and the music industry were both horrified by the news, which sparked a cascade of eulogies and sentiments of sorrow and grief.


One of the most significant acts to come out of the underground rave culture was The Prodigy. Their most popular songs, Firestarter and Breathe in 1996 and Smack My Bitch Up in 1997, combined hard dance beats with rap and punk elements to produce music that was energized.


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