Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Debuts On Nielsen Top 10 With The 10th Largest Streaming Week Ever

Surprisingly, Ryan Murphy’s limited series Monster, starring Evan Peters as the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, made its streaming debut on Nielsen’s Weekly, and within a short time, it was ranked unquestionably with 3.7 billion minutes of viewing.

In addition, the streaming of this series has made it the tenth most-streamed program in a single week that Nielsen has ever recorded.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Series Monster on Top 10

In this series, Ryan Murphy’s creativity and talents are vividly portrayed, and Evan Peters’ portrayal of a serial killer is beyond description. Within four days of its Netflix debut, the series received a multitude of accolades. On Netflix, the series ranked in the top ten. The series was streamed on Netflix on September 21, 2022.

Ryan Murphy’s Monster Series Has Been Recognized As Netflix’s No. 9 Most-Watched English-Language Television Series Of All Time, According To The Company. Since its premiere, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has been a smash hit and ranked first everywhere.

This limited drama series is now available in another time slot and is one of the most well-reviewed shows in the country.

According to Nielsen, between September 19 and September 25, it was the single most-watched piece of streaming content and the tenth most-watched program in its first week on all platforms.

Undoubtedly, if the Monster series achieved a high ranking on the Nielsen and Netflix platforms in a short period of time, the upcoming two weeks would be dominated by Monster stories, eclipsing all other series.

The reason for the series’ immense popularity is that it is based on the true story of a ruthless serial killer who brutally murdered eighteen teenagers and a young man. His family was devastated, and Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered by a fellow prisoner.

According to Nielsen, “Monster” had the biggest streaming week according to Nielsen, and because it is based on a true story, the series became both riveting and nerve-wracking. The Monster Series was surrounded by other critically acclaimed series, including Tiger King, Ozark Seasons Three, and Four, and Stranger Things Season Four.

So Everyone Was Eagerly Waiting For Their Favorite Series To Debut, And Quite Surprisingly, People Turned To Ryan Murphy’s Monster, Which Ranked In The Top 10 Within A Snap Of the Fingers.

According to reports, the series debuted on Netflix with 196,2 million hours of views when it was ranked in the top ten. Even though Netflix and Nielsen have their own problems and differences and can’t be compared, it’s unlikely that this will hurt Nielsen’s viewership, which will likely keep growing.

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