The couple, who were on the most recent season of the reality show, said they were no longer together earlier in August. They said they had “nothing but love and respect for each other.”

Olivia now has a new look on her Instagram Stories. She has a shorter, lighter-colored haircut and answered questions from fans while getting her hair cut.

There, she also told fans about her search for a new place to live, writing, “Have applied for places and just waiting to hear back. It’s crazy!”

She said that she is currently staying with a friend and that there are many places to rent that has been open for a long time. I’ve offered to pay the rent three months ahead of time. I just want a little space for myself and Stella, but it’s taking SO long to get it. I’m stressed out and angry.”

Olivia and Jackson’s first joint statement about their breakup said, “After 10 wonderful months together, we’ve decided to go our separate ways. We’ve always had a lot of love for each other, and that won’t change as we move toward becoming friends.

“We only love and respect each other, and no one is to blame for this relationship ending. Just an example of “almost perfect.” We hope you can all be kind to us as we deal with this in private. Love, Jack and Liv xx.”

Olivia talked about the rumors about the breakup after the news came out. She said, “Any gossip, speculation, or BS you read online is just that: gossip and speculation.”

“Don’t believe anything unless it comes straight from Jackson and me, even if it comes from a dirty, gross, disgusting gossip site that says, “We have a source who knows Olivia and Jackson directly.” Don’t believe it.”

Jackson has also talked about the breakup. In an Instagram Q&A, he said, “Yeah, we’ll take it one day at a time. We’re still friends and I think we always will be.”

The celebrity added: “Look, I get asked this a lot. No, I’m not going to tell the story of how we broke up because, to be honest, it’s no one’s business but ours.”


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