Isabelle Thomas Cause of Death: The Tragic Loss of a Promising Documentary Filmmaker

Isabelle Thomas Cause of Death
Isabelle Thomas Cause of Death

Actress Jameela Jamil paid tribute to her friend Isabelle Thomas, who died Thursday at 39, on social media.

Thomas, wife of “Killers of the Flower Moon” producer Bradley Thomas, was found dead near the Hotel Angeleno pool after jumping from a high-floor balcony. The LA County Medical Examiner declared her death to be a suicide.

“I lost a friend very suddenly this week,” Jamil, 37, wrote on Instagram. “Don’t wait til later. Don’t presume you can just grow old together. Don’t presume the world is fair or makes sense. Don’t take anyone or anything you love for granted for a minute.”

“My heart is completely and utterly broken, and I don’t think I will ever recover.” The “Good Place” actress added: “I was supposed to see her a few weeks ago and couldn’t because I was busy with stupid f – – king work.”

“I missed the chance to tell her I love her. And to hold her one last time.” “This is your reminder to put loved ones first so you never have the excruciating regret that I have right now. F – – k work. F – – k the nonsense. Call your loved ones.”

Isabelle married Bradley, whose film “Flower Moon” is nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, in 2018, and they have twin daughters Poppy and Grace.

Jamil posted an Instagram Story with a snapshot of Isabelle and one of her daughters. Isabelle and Bradley were last photographed together on January 13 at the BAFTA Tea Party at the Maybourne Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

Who was Isabelle Thomas?

Isabelle Thomas, a 39-year-old documentary filmmaker, was a bright person whose life ended tragically by suicide at a Los Angeles hotel. Isabelle was born in Bath, England, and pursued her passion for filmmaking after graduating from Oxford with a degree in biological sciences.

She relocated to Los Angeles, where she gained recognition for her numerous documentary projects and became a member of the UCLA Center of Storytellers. Isabelle, popularly known as “Izzy,” collaborated with her husband Bradley Thomas on the awards campaign for the film “Killers of the Flower Moon,” which got ten Oscar nominations.

Isabelle, who was described as a soul mate, beautiful daughter, loyal mother, and wife, died unexpectedly, leaving a vacuum in the lives of those she knew.

Her efforts represented her curiosity about people and culture, which inspired everyone who had the opportunity to spend time with her. Isabelle’s compassion and kindness impacted the lives of her friends, family, and two children.

While her death was devastating, it generated crucial discussions about mental health awareness and assistance. Isabelle Thomas is recognized not only for her contributions to filmmaking but also for the love and joy she spread to those around her.

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