Is Tom Brady Returning To The New England Patriots?

Is Tom Brady Returning To The New England Patriots?
Is Tom Brady Returning To The New England Patriots?

Those who said Tom Brady would never return to the New England Patriots can eat their words, at least for the first game of the season. Owner Robert Kraft had already stated his intention to persuade him to return to the team that started it all. Initially, there was no indication that Tom Brady would consider Kraft’s statements in the near future.

However, the owner has just confirmed that Brady has agreed to make his anticipated return to the team, and we will see it in the team’s season opener. Before you start jumping up and down on your couch, let us explain how Tom Brady is returning to the New England Patriots.

Yes, Tom Brady Is Still A Retired Player

Is Tom Brady Returning To The New England Patriots?
Is Tom Brady Returning To The New England Patriots?

Unfortunately for all those eager New England Patriots fans, Tom Brady will not be returning to the team. His return to the Patriots will be in a different capacity because he will be honored only during the season opener against the Miami Dolphins. New England begins the season on the road, but the second game is in New England, and Tom Brady is set to make his return to the stadium he hasn’t visited since October 20, 2021.

Mike Garofolo broke the news that Robert Kraft himself announced on Good Morning Football. Following the news, the New England Patriots made the announcement via their official Twitter account.

Even though we are well aware that everyone keeps asking Tom Brady to come out of retirement, it is unlikely that this will happen. The sooner fans realize Tom Brady is truly retired this time, the faster they will be able to move on.

We will only enjoy Tom Brady’s new possible job at Fox Sports next year, or any other endeavor he undertakes. But we’re not going to watch Brady suit up for another NFL season; the man deserves to rest. It will be interesting to see how all Patriots fans greet Tom Brady, the team’s all-time leading scorer.

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Tom Brady Has The Most Super Bowl Rings In NFL History

Tom Brady now has more rings than any other player in NFL history after winning his seventh title in Super Bowl 55. After New England’s 13-3 victory over the Rams in 2019, which moved the Patriots franchise into a tie with the Steelers for the most championships by a single team, the Buccaneers quarterback already had an NFL-leading six Super Bowl victories. But Brady’s seventh ring, his first since leaving the Patriots, has likely added sentimental value.

ESPN Stats & Info shared a Tweet about Tom Brady’s Super Bowl titles. Check out the Tweet below.

The following is a list of players who have won the most Super Bowls in NFL history, including Brady and a slew of 49ers and Steelers from their respective legendary championship runs.

What Is The New England Patriots?

The New England Patriots are a professional American football team based in Boston, Massachusetts. They are a member of the American Football Conference (AFC) East division in the National Football League (NFL). The team was founded in 1960 as an original member of the American Football League (AFL), and they joined the NFL in 1970 following the merger of the AFL and the NFL. The Patriots have a storied history, having won six Super Bowls, 11 AFC championships, and 23 division titles.

They are widely regarded as one of the most successful NFL franchises in history, led by some of the sport’s most prominent figures, including head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. The Patriots have a devoted and passionate fan base, and their success on the field has helped them become one of the world’s most recognizable and beloved sports teams.

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