Is Erin Napier Pregnant? Speculations, Rumors, and Excitement News!

Is Erin Napier Pregnant?
Is Erin Napier Pregnant?

Is Erin Napier pregnant? Erin Napier is a television star from the United States. She resides in Mississippi and is a businesswoman. She studied fine arts and previously worked in graphic design for firms. Later, she and her husband Ben, a woodworker who studied history, began restoring historic houses.

Erin and Ben appear on the HGTV show “Home Town”. They live in Laurel, a tiny town in Mississippi. Erin is an artist and Ben enjoys working with wood. They both enjoy caring for historic houses and restoring their appearance.

Erin began her career painting art for large corporations, but she discovered a new passion for restoring and preserving ancient houses with her husband Ben. If you want to understand more about Erin’s personal life, continue reading!

 Is Erin Napier Pregnant?

Despite fans’ enthusiasm over a recent “Home Town” episode, Erin Napier took to Instagram to clarify that she is not pregnant. Erin, who co-hosts the show with her husband Ben Napier, is already the delighted mother of two gorgeous children, Helen and Mae.

The eldest, Helen, was born in 2018, while the youngest, Mae, joined the Napier family in May 2021. In a recent Instagram story, Erin addressed the rumors, assuring her followers that the Napiers are a family of four with no immediate plans for an addition.

Erin’s path to motherhood has not been without hurdles. On a more personal note, she revealed that she had suffered from significant stomach pain for a decade before to becoming a mother. It took doctors years to discover a perforated appendix, resulting in repeated surgeries.

The arrival of Helen and Mae was a blessing for Erin and Ben despite their difficulties. While Erin was unsure about having children owing to her health issues, she expressed thankfulness for her two beautiful girls.

Erin Napier Discusses Her Anniversary and Favorite Moments With Ben!

Erin Napier, host of the television show Home Town, recently celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary with her husband, Ben Napier. In a romantic Instagram post as part of their yearly “Love Week” ritual, Erin shared some charming memories about how their romance started.

Erin admitted in college that she had previously dated someone who resembled her now-husband, Ben. She jokingly compared it to a movie in which she felt like she was in “She’s All That,” and Ben was being kind to her as a bet.

In a touching love letter, Ben stated that he knew Erin was the one by December 8th, detailing how he forewent a trip with friends to be with her. In her Instagram carousel, Erin told her side of the tale, recounting how Ben, also known as “Big Ben” on campus, astonished her by knowing her entire name and inviting her to dinner.

Despite an initial refusal of a kiss during their first encounter in 2004, Erin was excited to spend time with Ben, even if she joked that he looked like “Robert Goulet on SNL.” Despite the amusing start, Ben nevertheless invited her out for a drive, marking the start of their journey together.

Erin’s Instagram post not only commemorated their 19th anniversary but also highlighted the fun and memorable moments that brought them closer together throughout the years.

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