Information About The Mass Shooting In Philadelphia!

Information About The Mass Shooting In Philadelphia!
Information About The Mass Shooting In Philadelphia!

Information About The Mass Shooting In Philadelphia: According to the Philadelphia Police Department, at least nine people were injured in a shooting spree on Saturday night.

Information About The Mass Shooting In Philadelphia!

At least 13 killed, dozens wounded in weekend mass shootings across U.S.:  "Horrendous and unthinkable" - CBS News

First Deputy Commissioner John Stanford told reporters at a press conference that the shooting occurred at around 11 p.m. in the Kensington neighborhood and that three people had gotten out of a black sedan and begun firing at a nearby bar.

Is there an explanation?

There is currently no known motivation, Stanford added, but police are collecting security footage from adjacent businesses in the hopes of identifying the gunman or shooters.

It’s possible the shooters “saw someone that they wanted to aim at, got out of the car, and simply started firing at the bunch of persons who were there,” as Stanford put it. “These city dwellers are known for their lack of scruples and brash behavior.

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They don’t give a damn whether there are dozens of policemen on the scene. Some of them could care less about the total number of people in the area. We’re still taking the necessary measures to bring these people to justice “The University of Stanford stated.

According to Stanford, there is a “strong police presence” in the area, and officers were present at the time of the shooting and heard the gunfire.

Where do our suspicions about the shooters stand?

Mass shooting leaves 3 dead, 13 injured in Philadelphia

After firing their weapons, the assailants “fled back to the vehicle and left this spot. in that vehicle,” Stanford added. He also stated that the police did not want to reveal how many “shooters” were present because of the possibility that video footage would reveal a different number. He further stated that at least forty rounds were fired by the accused

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In what ways do we know the victims?

According to information provided by the Philadelphia Police Department to Axios on Sunday morning, all of the victims are adults, ranging in age from 23 to 40.

The deceased include eight males and one female.
Police said four individuals are in critical condition, up from Stanford’s initial estimate of two.

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