Indiana Is The First State After Roe To Ban Most Abortions With A New Law


Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill on Friday that would outlaw the majority of abortions in Indiana, making it the first state to do so since Roe v. Wade was reversed this summer.

The GOP-sponsored plan was approved by the Indiana House and Senate earlier on Friday. Up to 20 weeks after fertilisation, the new rule allows exceptions for fatal foetal defects and situations when the mother’s life is in danger. Additionally, if the pregnancy was the consequence of rape or incest, it permits exceptions for some abortions. The implementation date is September 15.

Up to 20 weeks after fertilisation (or 22 weeks after the mother’s last menstrual cycle), Indiana law now permits abortions.
After the US Supreme Court overturned a federal right to an abortion, the matter was returned to the states, where numerous Republican leaders have vowed to restrict access. However, West Virginia’s nearly complete abortion ban is now in limbo because the Republican-led legislature adjourned after failing to reach an agreement, making abortion lawful up to 20 weeks after fertilisation. And this week, voters in Kansas soundly rejected a proposal to remove the right to abortion from the state constitution.

The Republican-sponsored modifications to the bill that would have eliminated the exclusions for rape, incest, and fatal foetal deformities were rejected by the Indiana House on Thursday. Speaker Todd Huston and Speaker Pro Tempore Mike Karickhoff voted against the amendments, while Majority Leader Matt Lehman supported them, dividing the House Republican leadership.

Legislators from both sides of the aisle complained about the time pressure they were under to consider such a challenging subject during Friday’s debate. “All of us are making an effort, being careful, and none of us are doing well. We’re moving around with… stomach knots, “Before the vote on Friday, Marion state representative Ann Vermilion, a Republican, stated on the floor.

She remarked, “We are all trying to do the will of the people while also remaining faithful to our faith and our core values, 150 of us have cried this week. After Roe was reversed in June, a 10-year-old rape victim from Ohio travelled across state lines to obtain an abortion, drawing particular attention to Indiana.

The 10-year-old girl’s abortion was performed by an Indiana doctor, who claimed that Indiana’s abortion law “is going to affect Hoosier women.” On “New Day” earlier on Friday, Dr. Caitlin Bernard said, “Medicine is not about exceptions. “I can’t even begin to tell you how many patients I encounter in really unusual circumstances who cannot be included in those exclusions and who do not fall under my list of permitted and prohibited actions. They can’t wait to consult their attorney, and I can’t wait to consult mine because I need to be able to provide patients with treatment when and when they need it.”


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