Inappropriate’ Relationships With Prime Minister Sanna Marin Denied By Finnish Musician

_Sanna Marin

Sanna Marin, the married prime minister of Finland, was seen dancing close up with a Finnish artist, who has since come forward to officially deny having an affair with her.

Olavi Uusivirta announced it on Instagram on Friday, stating in Finnish that “nothing inappropriate has happened” and that the two are just friends. The 28-year-old Fin stated he would make no further comments on the subject.

The public has made assumptions regarding the nature of the friendship between Uusivirta and Prime Minister Sanna Marin. I can honestly tell that we are friends and that nothing untoward has occurred.

On a video of the couple that went viral online on Friday, Marin, 36, could be seen dancing closer to Uusivirta as she beamingly bopped along to the music. Uusivirta appeared to kiss the leader or mumble something to her at one point, according to several reports in the Finnish media.

The tape was just over a minute long and clearly showed Marin and Uusivirta despite being secretly recorded in a dim nightclub. It’s the most recent video to surface in recent weeks showcasing Marin taking part in Helsinki’s nightlife alongside famous people.

A portion of Marin’s supporters pressured the leader, now referred to as the “Party PM,” to submit to a drug test on Friday as a result of these films. The leader claimed that she did it to show her critics that she was being sincere.

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According to the BBC, Marin reportedly said in Finnish, “I did nothing criminal.” “I have never used any form of drug, not even when I was a teenager.”

Hundreds of Finnish women started using the hashtag #solidaritywithsanna to post videos of themselves dancing and having fun on social media in support of Marin.

Marin has denied allegations that she used drugs at the club, but she hasn’t spoken out about her relationship with Uusivirta, who last week shared a photo of the two of them to Instagram before taking it down on Saturday.