In A Philadelphia Home A 12-Year-Old Boy Is Shot And Dies!

In A Philadelphia Home, A 12-Year-Old Boy Is Shot And Dies: The shooting death of a 12-year-old child in North Philadelphia has been confirmed by Action News. At approximately 9 p.m. on a Saturday, the event took place on 33rd, close to Clearfield.

In A Philadelphia Home, A 12-Year-Old Boy Is Shot And Dies!

12-year-old boy fatally shot by Philadelphia police after allegedly firing  at officers

According to the police, the shooting occurred as the teen and his cousin (who is 14) were filming a music video. The 27-year-old cousin whose apartment was the scene of the crime.

In his line of work as a security guard, he is required to have a concealed carry permit. A 27-year-old male has been taken into custody.

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Is there a rationale behind this?

Stanford noted that investigators have not yet determined a motive for the shooting, but they are collecting surveillance footage from nearby businesses in an effort to track down the shooter or shooters.

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One likely motive for the shooting is that the perpetrators “spotted someone who they wanted to aim at, got out of the car, and simply started firing at a lot of folks who were there,” as Stanford described it. “These city inhabitants are known for their lack of scruples and arrogant behavior,” he said.

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