Community Holds Vigil For 17-year-old Teen Killed In Malton Shooting

On Sunday night, the community gathered at the New Story Church for a candlelight vigil to remember Katron Harris.

On Monday, a 17-year-old was killed in a shooting at a Halloween party in Kansas City, Kansas. Six other teenagers were also injured but survived, according to the police.

Harris was getting ready to graduate from Turner High School and had big plans for the future. He wanted to start his own company.

His friends and family described him as “funny, kind, and respectful.” They also claimed that he had the best sense of style and was always well-dressed.

One of Harris’ teachers spoke at the vigil, claiming that he had spoken to him every day at school for the previous few years.

“He was just a nice person.” “He Was,” His Teacher said. “Everyone saw the brightness in his eyes.”

To honour Harris, members of the community lit candles and released balloons.

“We’re keeping his name alive.” We’re going to finish the company he wanted to start. “We’re Going To Do That For ‘tron,” Said One Man.

“That was my baby,” said one woman. “Katron: He Is Gone But Never Forgotten.”

The vigil was held at New Story Church. According to the pastor, it is critical to create a space where the community can come together and care for one another.

Prosecutors in Wyandotte County have charged 22-year-old Daijon Estelle with Harris’ murder and 11 other crimes. According to authorities, he opened fire on a crowd of up to 100 high school students.

More suspects are still being sought by the police.

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