Google Ai Changing The Way We Shop? But How

Google Ai Changing The Way We Shop? But How
Google Ai Changing The Way We Shop? But How

Google wants to make it easy for people who buy clothes online to see how they will look on them before they buy. The company announced a new virtual try-on feature on Wednesday. It uses generative AI, the same technology behind new apps and picture creation tools, to show how clothes look on various body types.

The company says that with this feature, buyers can see how an item would hang, fold, stick, stretch, or make wrinkles and shadows on different models in different poses. Google is also releasing a feature that will help people find similar clothes in different colors, patterns, or styles from stores all over the web.

Google AI-powered visual matching tool

This will be done with the help of an AI-powered visual matching tool. These efforts are part of a larger push by Google to protect its search engine from a wave of new AI-powered tools that have come out since ChatGPT went popular.

At last month’s Google I/O developer conference, the company spent over 90 minutes teasing a long list of AI news, such as expanding access to its current chatbot Bard and adding new AI features to Google Search.

Google Ai Changing The Way We Shop? But How

Google said that it made the virtual try-on option by putting together a lot of sets of pictures of more than 80 models standing up and to the side, in sizes XS to XL, with different skin tones, body types, and ethnic backgrounds. The AI-powered tool then learned to match the shape of specific shirts in those poses to make realistic pictures of the person from all sides.

At first, the feature will work with tops for women from Anthropologie, Loft, H&M, and Everlane. Google said that it will also sell men’s shirts in the future. Google also said the tool will become more accurate as time passes. Google even Tweeted about how ai will enhance the shopping experience for users.

Check out their Tweet below:

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Other Companies Also Using AI

Google isn’t the only online store that uses AI to improve the shopping experience. Some companies, like Shopify and Instacart, use technology to help customers make shopping choices. Amazon is trying out using AI to summarize what customers say about goods on the site. This could reduce the time people spend reading reviews before making a purchase. And eBay just created an AI tool to help sellers write captions for their product listings.

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