Flood Victims In Pakistan Hurl Notes Appealing For Assistance

Flood Victims In Pakistan

In Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s Manoor valley, hundreds of people are trapped across the river after a flash flood struck the area on Friday, demolishing at least 10 bridges and dozens of structures.

Please reconstruct the bridge so that we can get the supplies and medication we need. Currently, we have nothing. When our team visits, the villages will use a handwritten note with such words on it.

In the highlands of Kaghan, a well-known tourist destination in Pakistan is where you’ll find the Manoor valley. A violent flood that struck the valley has claimed the lives of at least 15 people, including women and children.

The sole concrete bridge that connected the picturesque valley to the major city was destroyed by flash floods. Since that time, all of the communities across the river have been blocked off, and the locals are now waiting for assistance.

After a perilous hour-long trip over a route that was frequently affected by flooding and landslides, the BBC team finally arrived in the valley.

In Manoor, a temporary wooden crossing has been built after two bridges entirely collapsed. We come upon a woman sitting with her possessions here. She claims to be able to see but not go to her home, according to the BBC.

The other side of the river is where my house and my kids are. Since I believed the government might restore the bridge, I have been waiting here for the past two days. However, according to the officials, in order to get to our homes, we should start trekking around the mountain’s opposite side. But that requires an eight to ten-hour trek. I’m an old lady. How am I able to walk so far?

She stays for a few more minutes before leaving as it starts to rain once again and the water pouring beneath the makeshift wooden bridge starts to surge.

On the other side of the river, we observe men, women, and kids sitting outside of their mud homes. They wave at us because they believe we represent the government.

At that point, a few of them throw a piece of paper our way while wrapping it into a plastic bag and throwing it onto the side of the river where we are recording. These days, they can only communicate with this portion of the village. There are no mobile networks available.

The letter, which was written by hand, details the losses they are dealing with and asks for food and medication for the stranded locals.

“Many residents are sickly and unable to go out of the village. Please build the bridge; it is the major route to the city, the letter requests.

“We require resources. Abdul Rasheed, 60, tells us as he describes his experience that “We need a road. The water has claimed his cart, which was his only source of income for providing for his family.

Many other people have lost their assets and sources of income, he claims. “They require aid. They must eat. There used to be a little market here, but it was destroyed. All the supplies and food were in stores.

“I have to walk for eight hours to get to my home because it’s on the other side,” the person said. How am I able to achieve it at my age? He asks.

Here, numerous stores and hotels have been demolished. The flood destroyed the mobile phone repair business owned by Soheil and his brother.


He claims to be uncertain about his future and that he must provide for three families. “I’m at a loss for what to do. Nobody has shown up to assist us as we deserve. Every shop owner in this area is anxious. They are all struggling individuals with sizable families to support, he claims.

These officials and politicians visit this location for amusement and picture ops. They appear, snap pictures, and depart. Nobody is assisting us.

However, according to the district’s deputy commissioner, a thorough rescue and relief operation was launched right away, and all the hotels in the region have been evacuated. He continues by saying that a determination of property damages has already been made.

He said, “We’ve finished the assessment, and the flood victims will get paid soon. Although it will take some time, work on the bridge reconstruction has already begun.

Communities are criticizing the government and local authorities for allowing builders to build hotels on the banks of the river while the government attributes the floods to climate change.

Another resident in Kaghan’s major market said, “These hotels and marketplaces impeded the natural rivers, and as a result, we are suffering far higher losses due to the floods which might have been easily averted.”

On the banks of the River Kunhar in Kaghan and the surrounding valleys, numerous hotels have been constructed. Some of them, as well as a police station and a religious institution, were devastated by floods.

A family is seated in a makeshift tent on the bank of the river just a few hundred meters from the police station. They claim that the same flood claimed the lives of eight members of their family.

Floods and heavy rains are causing devastation throughout Pakistan.

Millions of people have been displaced, and more than 1,000 individuals have died. At least 700,000 dwellings, according to officials, have been destroyed.

Rescue crews are having difficulty getting to these isolated areas where millions of people are waiting for food, water, and shelter. The worst-hit provinces are Balochistan and Sindh, while mountainous areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also severely damaged.

Since road connections have been destroyed and most settlements can only be reached by helicopter, Pakistani forces have also been requested to help aid organizations access the flood-affected areas.

The government of Pakistan is also pleading with friendly nations, donors, and international financial organizations for help in dealing with the disaster.


What are the best strategies for aiding flood victims?

Five Actions You Can Take To Assist Flood Victims
Give blood. Red Cross Chat (Image) … Give supplies and necessities. (Photo via Pinterest) … As soon as the water recedes, assist with cleanup. (Bild: spitting water) You could offer your services. (Photo via Daily Mail) Think of our neighbors in prayer. (Photo: YouTube

How does the government assist flood victims?

In flood-affected areas, the government needs to establish assistance centers where citizens may get food, medicine, and bedding. The victims should receive financial aid from the state government or the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), which is the top disaster management organization.

The flood short note is what?

Overview. Floods, the most common sort of natural disaster, happen when an excess of water submerges normally dry ground. Floods are frequently brought on by prolonged periods of heavy rain, quick snowmelt, or storm surges from tropical cyclones or tsunamis in coastal locations.

How can the flood issue be resolved?

There are ten actions that must be taken to stop more flooding in the…
better flood warning systems should be implemented.
Make adjustments to buildings to make them more flood-resistant.
Build structures higher above flood levels.
combat climate change.
Spend more money on flood defenses.
Keep wetlands protected and add trees in key places.

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