Fans Of Conor Mcgregor Are Convinced That The Ufc Fighter Posted A Sexual Act On His Yacht

While continuing his time away from the octagon in preparation for a UFC comeback that will now be postponed until next year, McGregor has been vacationing on his opulent yacht.

Conor McGregor posted what appeared to be a video of him having oral sex on his yacht, sending fans into a frenzy.

The UFC fighter is presently taking advantage of his time away from the ring by taking fiancee Dee Devlin on vacations aboard their fancy yacht. McGregor hasn’t competed since breaking his leg in a loss to Dustin Poirier in July of last year, and although having sparred and started kicking again with his damaged leg, he hasn’t yet returned to full training.

McGregor has continued to keep his followers up to date throughout his absence by posting frequent images and videos of his opulent lifestyle, including his time spent partying on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Most recently, McGregor published a video and an image yesterday, and fans immediately leaped on them to claim that he was having sex on his yacht.

If you’re getting it, get it from the top floor of the triple deck, McGregor captioned a photo of himself leaning back with his lower body severed. Fans also noticed a deleted video on his account that appeared to briefly reveal his fiancee Devlin’s head before turning to the breathtaking sea view from his boat’s upper deck.

Fans noticed the images right away and commented with their suspicions. One fan asked: “Did Conor McGregor actually just broadcast himself receiving head on IG story?” Fan X concurred: “He also uploaded a photo of himself without pants and a text that implied as much. It is fairly obvious what he was doing.”

Rehab (Winter In Paris) by R&B performer Brent Faiyaz was chosen, according to another fan, who added: “The song choice… I feel like this was meant for somebody to witness.” Others who liked it less didn’t think it was noteworthy, writing: “He seems to be rubbing his wife’s hair, in my opinion. People enjoy overreacting, lol.” I honestly think his wife is merely napping on his lap, another admirer chimed in.

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In response to his comeback, one UFC fan said: “Yes, he won’t be returning. Another person responded, “I would definitely not, either. That vista is incredible.” Although McGregor hasn’t competed since last July, he has been connected to a number of fights, including a rematch with Floyd Mayweather in boxing.

He will probably put his return to the octagon first, which is now predicted to happen only the following year when he seeks atonement by moving up to 170 pounds. Jorge Masvidal, Gilbert Burns, and even Michael Chandler, who is willing to move up 15 lbs, are just a few of the fighters that have requested a lucrative meeting with the superstar at that weight class.