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Euphoria: Who Is Alexa Demie? Actress Who Plays Maddy Perez In Season 2

Fans of Euphoria have been going crazy over Alexa Demie, the actress who plays Maddy Perez in the TV series Euphoria. Let’s find out about her age, Instagram, and movies.

Biography: Past & Present

The actress of the HBO TV series is 31 years old and was born on December 11, 1990, in Los Angeles. Its height is approximately one meter and sixty-eight centimeters. Her mother is called Rose Mendez, a Mexican-born makeup artist. We have no other information about her family, and we cannot tell you if she is an only child or has brothers or sisters.

There is, however, various information on her career in the world of cinema and television. The actress debuted in 2015 with the short Miles and then appeared on the small screen in 2016 in the TV series Ray Donovan, where she starred in three episodes of a minor role. In 2017 she appeared again on the big screen with the film Brigsby Bear by Dave McCary. The following year, in 2018, he took part in both a movie for the cinema, entitled Mid90s by Jonah Hill, and in the TV series Love in which she starred in a couple of episodes.

In 2019, before taking part in the show that made her even more famous, Euphoria, Alexa Demie appeared in the Netflix TV series The OA and Trey Edward Shults’s film, Waves. After the success of the HBO show that saw her in the role of Maddy Perez, the actress was chosen among the protagonists of the film Nobody Special, directed by Gina Coppola. Today, she once again plays the role of Maddy in Euphoria, alongside Zendaya and Jacob Elordi, and has a new project in the pipeline and the Fables show, due out in 2022, on which she worked as a voice actress.

Private life: Is She Engaged?

There is no information. However, on the private life of Alexa Demie, for this reason, we do not know if the actress who plays Maddy Perez in the HBO TV series Euphoria today is engaged or single. The artist has not released any statements regarding this aspect or published photos on social networks that suggest something to the fans who follow her. We will update you, however, in case of further news.

Instagram & Social 

You can follow Alexa Demie on her social profiles on Instagram and Twitter. Maddy Perez’s interpreter in Euphoria is not always active on her accounts, but she has nonetheless shared a lot of content. On Instagram, the artist has a profile on which she has published about 20 posts, including many photos in which she posed as a model, and reached more than 4 million followers, which are likely to increase even more due to the success of the TV series that sees her among the protagonists. On Twitter, on the other hand, she has an account that he has not used since 2020, with about 200,000 followers.

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