Eric Mays Wife: Who Is Megan Ritchie?

Eric Mays Wife
Eric Mays Wife

Eric Mays, a Flint, Michigan, councilman, has made headlines for his controversial and frequently disruptive behavior at city council meetings.

He has been arrested, sued, fined, and demoted from his positions of authority for a variety of reasons. But who is the lady behind the infamous politician? Who is Eric Mays’ wife, Megan Ritchie?

A Private and Supportive Spouse

Megan Ritchie is somewhat unknown, as she chooses to keep a low profile and avoid the media attention that her husband frequently receives. However, according to some accounts, she is married to Eric Mays, and the couple has three children together.

Eric Mays Wife

Megan Ritchie allegedly supports her husband’s political career and his outspokenness on issues affecting the Flint people. She has accompanied him to some of his court hearings and defended him against his critics. She has also assisted him with his campaign and community engagement initiatives.

A Victim of Harassment and Threats

Megan Ritchie’s marriage to Eric Mays has not been simple, as she has received abuse and threats from some of his opponents and detractors. In 2016, she filed a police report after getting a threatening phone call from an unknown caller who threatened to kill both her and her husband. On her way home from work, she also claimed that a suspicious-looking car had been following her.

In 2019, she had a violent argument with a city employee who accused her of stealing a laptop from the city hall. The employee, who was later fired, allegedly grabbed her arm and attempted to seize the laptop. Megan Ritchie stated that the laptop belonged to her husband and he had authorization to use it.

A Loving Mother and a Hardworking Professional

Despite her husband’s troubles and controversies, Megan Ritchie is a devoted mother to their three children and a successful professional in her own right. She works as a nurse at a local hospital and is deeply committed to helping others. She is also involved in her religion and volunteers for a variety of charities.

Megan Ritchie is a strong, resilient lady who supports her husband’s vision for Flint. She is Eric May’s wife, and she is proud of that.

Eric Mays Early Life and Education

Eric Mays was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, which serves as the county seat and largest city in Genesee County. His parents are Americans. Flint is a large city located in the Mid-Michigan region. It’s on the Flint River.

Eric Mays Wife

It is an extremely important location in that area. Eric came from a middle-class Christian family. His parents are determined to give him the greatest possibilities possible. He still resides in Flint City, where he attended school and completed his education. One of his numerous responsibilities in Flint is to serve on the city council.

Eric Mays is a well-educated individual who attended some of Michigan’s best grade and high schools and excelled at Michigan University.

Eric Mays Net Worth

Eric Mays is not affluent in any sense. He is deeply in debt as a result of his legal fees. He’s received around $13,000 in donations.

Mays’ image as a contentious Flint politician who has feuded with other city council members contributes to the video’s popularity on TikTok and YouTube.

Despite being found guilty of misbehavior, he is contesting the decision in court. Mays plans to utilize the money obtained through GoFundMe to pay for legal representation.

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