Emily Ratajkowski Says That The Marilyn Monroe Movie Blonde Makes A “Fetish” Out Of Women’s Pain

Emily Ratajkowski accuses Marilyn Monroe film 'Blonde' of 'fetishizing female pain'
Emily Ratajkowski accuses Marilyn Monroe film 'Blonde' of 'fetishizing female pain'

Emily Ratajkowski is upset with The new Marilyn Monroe movie Blonde because it “fetishizes female pain,” in her words.

The supermodel and actress said she hasn’t seen the Netflix movie where Ana de Armas plays the famous actress. She then went on her TikTok account to criticize the movie and say she’s starting her “Bitch Era 2022.”

So, Ratajkowski, 31, told the camera, “I’ve been hearing a lot about this Marilyn Monroe movie, Blonde, which I haven’t seen yet, but I’m not surprised to hear it’s another movie that fetishizes female pain, even after death.”

“We love to enjoy seeing women in pain. Consider Amy Winehouse. Watch Britney Spears. Look at how much we talk about the death of Princess Diana. Look at how much we care about things like dead girls and serial killers. If you watch any CSI episode, you’ll see that women’s pain and death are fetishized in a crazy way.”

The Gone Girl actress also said that she has learned how to make money off of her own pain.

“I think that, as a woman, I’ve learned to fetishize my own pain and hurt, so that it feels like something that can be fixed, which is kind of sexy. “Oh, I’m this messed-up girl and whatever,” and I think we do that in a lot of different ways, “she told me. “But I’d like that to be different.”

Ratajkowski went on to say that she wants angry women to be proud of themselves and that the rest of the year will be her “bitch era.”

“I was thinking about it, and do you know what’s hard to get excited about? Anger. It’s hard to get hooked on anger. So I have a proposal. I think we should all be a little bit angrier. I’ll be in my witch period.

2022 is my bitch era, baby “Ratajkowski, who has been married to Sebastian Bear-McClurd for four years, said that she wants a divorce from him last month. “I think everyone should be in their bitch era. So, I’ll be mad when I see this movie because I’ve already seen it and it’s nothing new. I’m going to get angry, though.”

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