The transgender child of billionaire Elon Musk has filed for a look change because they want to break ties with his father.

Musk’s child said that the possible explanation for the petition was “gender identity as well as the fact that I no longer live with or want to be related to my biological father in any way.”

Musk’s child has been told to change both their name and their gender on their birth certificate. The request was sent to the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Santa Monica back in April.

According to court documents, Xavier Alexander Musk just turned 18 and has requested the judge to recognize that she is now a woman and to give her a new name.

TMZ said that the new name would be Vivian Jenna Wilson, which is the last name of the mother.

The outlet says that Musk’s child said, “She wants to be known as a girl.”

In 2008, the teen’s mother, Justine Wilson, split up with Musk.

There was no more information about what was going on between Musk and his child.

Friday is the date of the hearing for the name change that was asked for.

Musk has talked in the past about how transgender people can choose their preferred pronouns.

In 2020, he wrote on Twitter, “Pronouns are stupid.”

In another tweet in the same year, he said, “I totally support trans, but all the other pronouns are an aesthetic nightmare.”

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