Elon Musk Claims That Ye Was Suspended From Twitter Following The Swastika Post

The big picture is that Ye posted the picture a few hours after making a lot of antisemitic comments in an interview with a conspiracy theorist.

Ye, also known as Kanye West, is an American rapper. Twitter suspended his account after he tweeted a picture of a Swastika tied to a Star of David as a campaign logo.

The Star of David Is A Well-Known Symbol Of Jewish Identity And Judaism, whereas Swastika, an ancient symbol, is commonly associated with Hitler’s Nazi Party an ancient symbol, is widely associated with Hitler’s Nazi Party. Ye deleted the picture hours before Twitter took away his account.

It’s not the first time the rapper’s account has been frozen because he posted hateful things about Jews. Swastika’s “Love speech” logo was criticized not only by Twitter users, but also by its new owner, Elon Musk, who appeared to have commented on the image, “This Is Not (Fine) (Fine).”

Elon Musk confirms in a tweet that Twitter has suspended Kanye West's account.

Musk confirmed in a separate tweet that Twitter had taken Kanye’s account down “for inciting violence.” This is what the CEO of Tesla said in response to Ye’s “last tweet,” which is a picture of him and Ari Emanuel, CEO of the entertainment and media agency Endeavor, on a yacht that went viral.

Musk told the picture, “This is fine.” He talked about Ye’s Twitter account and said, “Just to be clear, his account is being taken away because he called for violence, not because he posted an unflattering picture of me getting hosed by Ari.”

“Honestly, I thought those pictures helped me stay motivated to lose weight.” In the meantime, Kanye has shared a supposed chat he had with Musk on Truth Social, which is an alternative to Twitter. In the supposed chat, Musk tells the rapper, “You’ve gone too far,” and adds, “This is not love.”

Early in October, Twitter and Meta’s Instagram locked Ye’s account because of posts he made that were bad for Jews. Because of his first comments, a lot of brands, like Adidas, also stopped working with him. Ye talked to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones before he made his recent anti-Semitic post on Twitter.

Clips of the interview are being passed around on Twitter, and Ye, whose face was completely covered by a black mask, said, “It’s all about the music.” “The Jewish media have given us the impression that Hitler and the Nazis never did anything good for the world… “I also like some things about Hitler.”

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