Elise Finch Illness: A Heartfelt Farewell to a Morning News Icon

Elise Finch Illness
Elise Finch Illness
Elise Finch was well-known to everyone who watched the CBS New York morning news. She had joined WCBS as a weekend meteorologist and quickly rose to prominence on the AM daily news. According to her station profile, her relationship with WCBS began in 2007, and she has been with the channel for 16 years, until her untimely death in July 2023.
Finch had been a journalist for many years and had quickly risen to prominence and success due to her amazing commitment and hard work. She was tremendously popular among her peers for her perseverance and wit, and as a morning newscaster, she quickly gained an amazing base of fans and followers.
Finch has also received numerous honors for her weather coverage and smart reporting, including multiple prestigious Emmy Awards. She formerly worked for NBC on their meteorological team before joining WCBS. She was born in 1972 in Mount Vernon, New York, and is survived by her husband, Graig Henriques, and their lovely daughter, Grace.
Her coworkers remember Elise lovingly, describing her as “their bright morning light.” Her upbeat nature, commitment to her work, and kind approach made her not just an amazing coworker but also a wonderful friend and team member.
She was a brilliant and meticulous professional, as well as an excellent leader in the community and her birthplace Mount Vernon. Aside from her work, Elise was particularly interested in the entertainment business and declared herself a Janet Jackson lover.
With Elise Finch on the team, every day used to be a happy one, and her unexpected death has left everyone stunned and bewildered.

Elise Finch Illness: Was She Suffering From Any Illness?

Elise Finch, a well-known CBS meteorologist, died unexpectedly at the age of 51. Her actual cause of death has not been made public. Some news outlets suggest that she may have died as a result of a significant cardiovascular condition, such as a heart attack or stroke. The official reason for her death, however, is uncertain. During this tragic period, her family has requested privacy.

Elise Finch was laid to rest in an emotional memorial service on Tuesday. Her coworkers remembered her as someone who loathed mornings despite working them for 15 years. Elise Finch joined WCBS in 2007 as a weekend meteorologist and most recently provided the morning weather forecast.

She was noted for her deep voice, creative lyrics, and distinct style, which incorporated elements of R&B, electronic-tinged pop, and bluesy rock. She released her debut studio album “It Wasn’t For You” in 2020, which featured duets with prominent musicians such as Reba McEntire, Ashley McBryde, and Tenille Townes.

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Elise Finch: A Life Well-Lived and Remembered

Elise Finch spent her first two years of high school at Mount Vernon. She received the President’s Award and a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University. In order to further her interest in meteorology, she completed a program at Mississippi State University, where she was awarded the American Meteorological Society’s Seal of Approval. She also received a Master of Science in broadcast journalism from Syracuse University.

Elise Finch Illness

Elise and Graig Henriques, a CBS photojournalist, met in 2007 at CBS New York. The couple married in a beautiful ceremony at Untermylati Gardens. They had been married for ten years and had a lovely child to remember.

As the daughters of James Finch Jr. and Charlotte Finch, Elise and Kiya Finch grew up together. Despite her celebrity, her personal life remained quite quiet. Elise’s untimely death at the age of 51 shocked everyone who knew and appreciated her. Although the exact cause has yet to be discovered, cardiovascular issues are suspected.

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