U.S. Navy Parachute Member ‘Stable’ After Hard Landing At Duluth Airshow

Duluth Airshow Parachute Accident
Duluth Airshow Parachute Accident

According to a representative for the Duluth Airshow, a member of the United States Navy Leap Frog parachute team who landed awkwardly during Saturday’s event was listed in stable condition on Sunday. The incident occurred during the airshow in Duluth.

“The individual was immediately tended to by emergency personnel and Airlifted to Essentia Health/St. Mary’s where he is in stable condition and being treated for his injuries,” according to Jodi Grayson, spokesperson for the Airshow.

The parachute squad did not take part in the airshow that took place on Sunday. According to Grayson, there will be a formal investigation of the accident that takes place.

“We are devastated that one of the performers was injured and our thoughts and prayers are with him, his team and his family,” said Ryan Kern, Duluth Airshow President. “Our safety and leadership team has an incident plan in place, everyone reacted instantly, and we were able to render care immediately.”

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On Sunday, the Airshow continued with all of the other scheduled acts without any interruptions.

In a video posted on TikTok, you can hear the Airshow announcer saying the two Navy members were heading straight down in the air at around 90 mph.   The announcer is then heard saying “and, break” when the two were supposed to disconnect from each for a safe landing.   The breakaway happened roughly four seconds later much closer to the ground, which appeared in the video to not allow the parachute to catch enough air for a soft landing.

Below is another video of the accident:

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