Doug Boersma Obituary…. In Memory of Purdue University Athletics Coach

doug boersma obituary
doug boersma obituary

Doug Boersma, a Purdue University athletic trainer and coach dἰed unexpectedly. Doug Boersma oversees the strength and conditioning, sports psychology, nutrition, and pre-hab for all 18 Purdue Athletics programs. He was named associate athletics director in 2016, director of sports medicine in 2012, and assistant athletics director in 2013. In July 2021, he was appointed senior associate athletics director.

Boersma, a 1997 Purdue graduate, spent time at Kentucky and Notre Dame before transferring to Bowling Green State. Boersma has been the director of sports medicine since 2005, chief athletic trainer for Bowling Green State’s football team since 2003, and deputy athletics director for sports performance since 2010. In addition, he worked as a part-time professor at the BGSU School of Human Movement, Sport, and Leisure Studies and as the education coordinator for the Mid-American Conference Sports Medicine Association.

The Sebo Athletic Center and the Stroh Center in Bowling Green, Ohio, benefited from Boersma’s design and construction assistance. After earning a bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Purdue, Boersma started his professional career as a National Athletic Trainers’ Association member in 1997. After completing a two-year graduate assistantship, he earned his master’s in health promotion from the University of Kentucky in 1999. He coached at Notre Dame for four years before taking the helm at Bowling Green State.

Doug boersma obituary

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Boersma created an online injury tracking system while he was with the Fighting Irish, which was implemented by a South Bend, Indiana, technology company. He then oversaw the implementation of Shamrock Net Design at Bowling Green State and Notre Dame. Boersma has experience working with various sports as an athletic trainer.

He worked closely with the men’s and women’s golf and football teams at BGSU. He managed the needs of the men’s ice hockey, soccer, and lacrosse departments and closely worked with Notre Dame’s football team. Boersma served as the team’s head coach for Kentucky’s women’s and football squads. As a student sports trainer, he assisted the baseball, men’s basketball, football, and women’s tennis teams at Purdue.

For his contributions to the athletic department and the university overall, Boersma received two awards from BGSU. He was given the first Roll Along Award by the athletic department in 2008, which is given to individuals who fully grasp and embody the idea of “18 sports – 1 team.”

Doug Boersma’s most recent June 20 Tweet stated, “Great time with Kayden tonight! Love our neighborhood pond! I think she won! (But I’m the real winner!).”

In 2010, the university’s Division of Student Affairs presented him with the Outstanding Administrative Staff Award, granted to staff members who exhibit excellence in teamwork, cooperation, professional performance, and the spirit of working together for a single goal or purpose. Doug is from Highland, Indiana, and has three kids: McKenna, Ashlyn, and Kayden. His wife, Cari, is also a Purdue alumna.

Note: Many people are in grief following the deἀth of Doug Boersma, a former Purdue University player and current chief athletic trainer for the Bowling Green State University football team. While the details of his obituary have yet to be disclosed, it is known that his loved ones will attend his funeral.

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