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Dolores Hughes Death: How Did She Die & At What Age She Dies?

Dolores Hughes Death: Mema, aka Dolores Hughes, a star of the 2014 reality show Hollywood Hillbillies, has passed away at the age of 76. Manager David Weintraub told TMZ that Hughes passed away on November 9 from heart failure at a hospital in her hometown of Grayson, Georgia.

Who Was Dolores Hughes?

Hollywood Hillbillies' Delores Hughes dead at 76 - beloved reality star  dies of heart failure | The US Sun

Reality show producers at Reelz followed YouTube star Michael Kittrell and his girlfriend Mema as they made the transition from rural Georgia to the bright lights of Hollywood. Kittrell’s aunt Dee Dee Peters and her partner Paul Conlon came along, as well as Kittrell’s uncle John Cox.

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Once Hollywood Hillbillies reached its 23rd episode, the show was canceled. Kittrell may have been the main attraction, but Mema quickly became the family’s biggest celebrity.

When asked by TMZ what made Mema so popular, Weintraub said, “Mema was the best, most outspoken ‘tell-it-like-it-is character the world had ever seen on TV.” She’ll be running things down there, I’m sure of it.

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Paul Conlon, Dee Dee Peters, John Cox, and Michael Coppercab Kittrell, her husband and children, and grandchildren, all survived her. As of yet, no memorial services have been announced.

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