Cindy Beale Returns To EastEnders After 25 Years

Cindy Beale Return To EastEnders
Cindy Beale Return To EastEnders

No one saw this coming, but EastEnders will bring back not one, but two well-known characters. No, it’s not Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell.

In the next year, Michelle Collins, who plays Cindy Beale, will be back on BBC.

Cindy Beale Returns To EastEnders
Cindy Beale Returns To EastEnders

Ian Beale’s (Adam Woodyatt) ex-wife was reportedly killed off in prison 25 years ago, off-screen.

But in a shocking turn, it will be shown that she is still living, and she and Ian will go back to Walford.

So far, the facts of why they came back and how Cindy is still alive are being kept secret.

News of the characters’ return was reported by The Sun on Friday (19 May) with one source saying: “It’s going to be a bombshell.”

Cindy had been on the soap for 10 years before she was seen again in 1998. In 2014, Michelle played the part again in The Ghosts of Ian Beale, a show for Children in Need.

“I’M SORRY WHAT CINDY BEALE IS BEING RESURRECTED?!” One shocked fan tweeted in response to the news.

Ian was last seen at Dot’s wake last year, where he showed up out of the blue.

Ian didn’t talk to any of the other characters; he just hung out in the background of the church graveyard and watched as Dot was carried in for her funeral.

When Ian got a call, he left quickly and told his “love” he’d be home soon.

Who he was talking to was a puzzle, but now that Cindy’s return had been confirmed, that may have been cleared up.

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