Christina Perri And Her Husband Welcomed A Baby Girl “Magical Double Rainbow” After Losing Two Other Pregnancies.

A Happy Day! Christina Perri And Her Spouse, Paul Costabile, Have A Daughter!

On Sunday, the singer took to Instagram to share a heartwarming black-and-white photo of herself and her newborn daughter, whom they welcomed on Saturday.

“She’s Arrived!” Perri wrote the post’s caption. With a great deal of trust, faith, and pixie dust, she has arrived safely.

“Please Welcome pixie Rose Costabile, Our Magical Double Rainbow Baby Girl. 10.22.22⁣, “She elaborated.

Perri and Costabile also have a daughter, Carmella, who is four years old. In May, the couple announced via Instagram video that they were expecting their second child.

“Rosie sent Carmella a little sister, and we’re very excited,” Perri wrote in the video’s description, referring to the child she and Costabile had been waiting for but who was “born silent” after Perri was hospitalized in November 2020 because of problems with her pregnancy.

Less than a year before, Perri also had a miscarriage, so Pixie Rose is also known as their “double rainbow baby.”

After her second loss, the singer stopped using social media for a few months before coming back to talk about her sadness.

I believed I would never be happy again. I believed I would never again laugh, play, dance, or fall in love… And for many months, I did not write, “She Wrote During That Time. But then I began trying to heal and learn how to live with pain and sorrow alongside love and happiness.

How To Find Even The Slightest Meaning In Our Tragedy And To Find Something To Learn, Grow, And Grow Towards “

Congratulations To The Delighted Family On Their New Baby!

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