Chris Brown Apologizes To Robert Glasper For Grammy Loss Social Outburst

Chris Brown calls out Robert Glasper after losing Grammy

Chris Brown has apologized for throwing a fit on Instagram after losing the Grammy for Best R&B Album to Robert Glasper, a well-known pianist, and producer whose work spans jazz, R&B, and hip-hop.

Brown sent Glasper a screenshot of his direct message and wrote, “Congratulations, my brother… I’m sorry if my behavior at the Grammys upset you. “You weren’t the target, and I’m sorry if I came across as rude and mean.”

chris apologizes to robert

“Congratulations, my brother,” says the DM. “I’m sorry if my reaction at the Grammys hurt your feelings. I didn’t mean to hurt you, and I’m sorry if I seemed rude and tell. After doing some research, you’re great.

Then, it looked like Brown had taken his anger out on the Recording Academy.

Brown said, “After doing my research, I think you’re great… The organization isn’t being fair to black people. You and I don’t belong in the same group. Two styles and moods are completely different. So, congratulations from one black man to another. I hope you can feed your family for the rest of their lives. “Bless my G.”

After Glasper won his fifth Grammy, beating out Brown in the R&B Album category, Brown posted an Instagram story about Glasper that said, “Y’all playing.” Who the hell is this? Then he wrote, “I’m going to keep kicking your asses!” Respectfully.”

Brown also posted a picture with the words, “Who the f*ck is Robert Glasper?”. The graphics and phrases are ones Glasper uses to make fun of himself. Last week, Glasper wrote on his own Instagram, “It’s been brought to my attention that you all have questions about who Robert Glasper is! I can answer your questions if you have them. “Play along, check out my stories!”

Brown, nominated for and won 21 Grammys, wrote, “I’ve Got to Get My Skills Up… “I’m going to start playing the harp.” He then reposted a TikTok that listed his accomplishments, such as how well he did on the charts and how many tickets he sold. At the end of the video, Glasper’s name is typed into Google, and a voice says, “Who the fuck is this?”

Variety asked for a comment from a Glasper representative, but they didn’t answer immediately.

Glasper is going to a few music festivals in Mexico and Australia. In April, he will play Coachella with his supergroup, Dinner Party. Kamasi Washington and Terrace Martin, two of the biggest names in modern jazz, are also in the group.

In an October interview with Variety, Glasper talked about his ability to switch between genres. He said, “No one in the history of music has ever been a high-level musician in any other genre, like a high-level R&B or hip-hop or classical musician, and been able to go into the jazz world and make some noise and get respect.” It’s not like that. To play jazz, you have to be a master of your instrument, even if all you want to do is play the music.

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