What Is The Leading Cause of Death In Young Americans?

What Is The Leading Cause of Death In Young Americans
What Is The Leading Cause of Death In Young Americans

Fentanyl Is The Leading Cause of Death In Young Americans

The number revealed that 10,000 Americans are killed each year by fentanyl poisoning.

In April 2021, the United States hit a sad milestone: more than 100,000 people died of drug overdoses in a single year. In a press statement about this number, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that opioids, especially the synthetic opioid fentanyl, were to blame.

Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-Irving, tweeted on August 19: “Fentanyl is the leading cause of death among American young.”

The number of deaths caused by painkillers is going up all over the country. And there’s no doubt that fentanyl is a major cause of this rise in deaths. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that fentanyl is like morphine, but it is 50 to 100 times stronger. We tried contacting Van Duyne’s office to find out where she got that information, but we didn’t hear back.

Van Duyne’s office did, however, give the Associated Press, which did a similar fact check, an analysis by Families Against Fentanyl. This analysis gave a range of ages for which the drug was used.

Families Against Fentanyl looked at CDC data and found that in 2019 and 2020,  Overdose fentanyl will be the top cause of death for people ages 18 to 45.

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