How Did Avicii Die? Avicii’s Final Words Before Suicide Revealed In New Book

avicii death
avicii death

Fans of the Swedish DJ Avicii were heartbroken when he committed suicide on April 20, 2018.

Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii, authored by Men’s Mosesson, will include his final journal notes, which were written just before he committed suicide. The book, which will be published on January 18, will go into detail about the “Levels” songwriter’s drug and mental health issues.

Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, passed away at the age of 28 in Muscat, Oman. He killed himself with a glass bottle.

The author discussed his life and profession with his parents, Anki and Klas Bergling, as well as with his relatives, friends, and coworkers.

The journal entries are from his hospital stints and drug and alcohol treatment.

“I had a hard time accepting never drinking again,” the EDM artist wrote in his journal. However, all of his physicians strongly advised him to wait at least a year before even having a beer.

Naturally, I chose to listen to the couple who advised caution instead of the bulk of the doctors. I was naive and uneducated, traveling the globe, still on my never-ending tour, and once you’ve circled the globe once, guess what? He went on.

“You begin from scratch once more. As gloomy as it may sound, those hospital days were the most anxiety- and stress-free days I can recall in the previous six years; they were my actual holidays.

The satisfaction of transitioning from intense pain to none, knowing that the only course of treatment for pancreatitis is to wait it out and subsequently recover, was enormous, he wrote. Given the crazy schedule I had up to that time, it was a huge relief.

Following a family intervention in 2015, Avicii spent time in the Ibiza Calm rehab facility. He journaled about his suffering there.

For me to fully comprehend its nature and how it was damaging me, it took being stated to me very logically and in a caveman-like manner. Hurt hurt. Why am I in pain right now? Feeling uncomfortable,” he stated. “Tim the future will manage pain. Tim in the future will be able to deal with pain better than Tim in the present since there are currently too many urgent presents hurts.

He started applying the medical methods taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Yogi was an Indian religious figure who emphasized seeking out one’s own highest state of consciousness. Even though the suggested daily meditation time is only 20 minutes, the “Wake Me Up” musician would regularly meditate for hours at a time.

“It feels like I am in a new default state of being, which is quite novel and a little bit scary,” he wrote about his recent awakening in his diary. I felt as though my concerns from the previous two days had wreaked havoc on me, yet I still recalled the advice to pay attention to my breathing.

Avicii’s friend from his vacation to Oman texted his father the day before he passed away because he was worried about his meditations. He wasn’t eating or talking, according to the acquaintance.

Later, the caller informed Avicii’s father about his son’s suicide.

The last attachment before it restarts is the shedding of the soul, according to his final entry in his journal.


What song was Avicii’s final before he passed away?

A previously unseen video of DJ Avicii performing “Levels” live in Ibiza in 2016 has been shared in honor of the song’s ten-year anniversary. It was the late musician’s last live performance before his untimely passing in 2018.

What is Avicii’s true name?

electronic dance music from Sweden DJ Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, passed away in Oman in 2018 at the age of 28.

What did Avicii say before he died?

The day before he killed himself, he reportedly wrote his heartbreaking final sentence in his journal: “The shedding of the soul is the last attachment before it continues!”

Avicii had kids, did he not?

The DJ was unmarried and had no children. When he was 25 years old, he moved in with a Canadian model named Raquel Bettencourt and was seeing her. However, the two broke up in December 2014.

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