Twitch Streamer Amouranth Shows Abusive Chats With Her Husband Containing Threats


Amouranth (born December 2, 1993) is an American social media personality, glamour model, and streamer. She is also known for her ASMR Twitch streams.

During a live Twitch stream, Twitch and Only fans star Amouranth revealed she is married and accused her husband of controlling her finances and emotionally abusing her.

In her Twitch streams, Amouranth plays video games or sits in front of the camera and speaks with her audience of 5.9 million followers. Her income from OnlyFans is approximately $1.5 million per month, which makes her one of the top creators there.

During a Twitch stream on Saturday, Siragusa revealed that she is married while talking to her husband on the phone. The video of Siragusa’s stream has been removed from his Twitch channel, but clips of it are available online.

A comment from Siragusa was not immediately available on Sunday.

The person on the phone responds, “Leave the house” before hurling obscenities at Siragusa in one clip.

According to the clip, Siragusa replies, “What are you saying?”. “You said you’d kill my dogs if I didn’t stream 24/7.”

Siragusa says that her husband wouldn’t allow her to tell her audience that she was married and that streaming would be better for their relationship.

Siragusa says in the clip, “You want me to tell them I’m single? It’s about to happen.”

According to Siragusa, the therapist told him I was basically living in a fancy prison.

She says that her husband has threatened to “burn” all her money and “put it all in crypto” in a third clip.

“It keeps you there with fear and threats if you harm your animals, and then he’s nice again and says everything will be fine,” Siragusa explains.

In a fourth clip, Siragusa shows the camera text messages she claims to be from her husband. Messages from Siragusa’s husband refer to her as a “dumb fuck” and threaten to throw her merchandise off a balcony and delete her social media accounts.

She was supported online by other streamers and internet personalities after she made allegations of her husband’s abuse.

A Twitch streamer, 39daph, tweeted, “I am truly terrified for Amoreanth and hope she is okay. She has always been very sweet and I am heartbroken to know the shitstorm taking place behind the scenes.”

The popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold said in a YouTube video that he hoped she would be able to escape the guy.

She streamed it because it was basically a cry for help, he says. “She knows that she’s being taken advantage of and she streamed it to get it out in the open.”

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