Alla Subbotina Obituary- A Tribute to Her Remarkable Life and Journey

Alla Subbotina Obituary
Alla Subbotina Obituary

Alla Subbotina, known for her appearance on the TV show Love After Lockup, sadly passed away on August 7, 2021, at the age of 31. Her fans were shocked by her death, especially since they were still grieving the loss of another cast member, Tracie Wagaman.

In addition to her role in Love After Lockup, Alla gained attention when she was arrested and sent back to prison for violating her parole during the filming of the show. Her unexpected death deeply saddened everyone who knew her. Scroll down to get her obituary details, cause of death, and further information.

Alla Subbotina Obituary

On August 7, 2021, the world learnt about Alla Subbotina’s obituary, a former cast member of the reality TV series “Love After Lockup.” Yelena, her bereaved mother, broke the awful news to the world first with a poignant Facebook post. It was a grim reminder of the devastation that addiction can inflict on people and their loved ones.
Alla Subbotina Obituary

Alla’s fight with addiction had been long and difficult, and it eventually took her life at the young age of 31, leaving a vacuum in the hearts of all who loved her. Following her death, the Subbotina family gathered to say goodbye to their beloved Alla. On August 12, 2021, a funeral was arranged, and the family elected to open their doors to the public and those who wished to pay their condolences.

It was a moving event, bringing together individuals who had been touched by Alla’s life and story to commemorate her and reflect on the devastating effects of addiction.

Alla Subbotina’s death serves as a sad reminder of the need of tackling addiction as a public health issue, emphasizing the need for assistance, compassion, and understanding for people suffering from this difficult disease. She is survived by her parents, who shared the news of her death and funeral arrangements on social media. Her fans and friends have expressed their condolences and sadness over her tragic.

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How Did Former Cast Member From ‘love After Lockup,’ Alla, Die?

Sadly, Alla’s demise was caused by her drug addiction. Yelena Subbotin, mother of Alla, announced her daughter’s mortality via social media.
In a Facebook post that featured a video of her daughter’s face, she wrote-

“Sadly, addiction won today. My beloved daughter, Alla, passed away earlier today. I’m beyond sadden [sic] by this and hoping she is in a better place. Addiction is an ugly disease, and my daughter had been battling addiction for many years. Rest In Peace, my forever daughter. We love you, Allochka, and always will remember you Forever.”

Fans Are Devastated After Alla’s Death

When fans hear the news about Alla’s death, they instantly took to social media to show their love for the reality television star. Twitter user @oucrimsongirl was one of many saddened by the loss of the young lady.

They tweeted-

“Another Love After Lockup cast member has died. Alla was from the very first season, and we saw her relapse shortly after being released. Sadly she never conquered her demons.”

Another fan wrote, “Wow, this is so sad, first Tracy now Alla.” Twitter user @mzaliz shared, “Love After Lockup fans, we lost another. Alla had such a future ahead of her. Prayers for her family. She was another you just pulled for and wanted her to succeed.” The Love After Lockup community is truly heartbroken, and we send out love to all of Alla’s family, friends, and fans.

Alla Subbotina Career

Alla Subbotina became known through her role on the reality TV show “Love After Lockup.” She joined the series in its first season, where her unique story unfolded. Alla had a challenging past, having been in prison for selling heroin, and this background captured the viewers’ attention.

The show mainly focused on her relationship with James Cristia, an IT director from Chicago. Their unconventional love story began when they started writing to each other through a pen-pal service while Alla was still in prison. The ups and downs of her relationship with James and her personal struggle with addiction became central to her journey on “Love After Lockup.”

Alla’s story reflected the complexities of life after being in prison, making her a memorable and relatable figure for viewers who followed her story closely. Despite the difficulties she faced, Alla Subbotina’s career will always be linked to her role on the reality TV series, where she openly shared her experiences, vulnerabilities, and her determination to rebuild her life after incarceration.

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