Us Murders: Separate Shootings Leave 8 Dead In California, Chicago, And Lowa

8 dead in separate shooting incidents in US

Eight people were killed and many more were hurt in separate shootings in three US cities on Tuesday, all in the state of California. The most recent of many shootings happened in Half Moon Bay, California, where four people died and three others were hurt so badly they could die.

Authorities and local politicians were told, and a man who is thought to be involved in the killings is currently being held. Josh Becker, a California state representative, said that the people were killed in separate shootings on the outskirts of Half Moon Bay, a city about 30 miles south of San Francisco.

In another shooting, police said that two students died and a third was seriously hurt at a youth outreach centre in Des Moines, Iowa.

When police went to Starts Right Here, which runs a programme for at-risk youths, they heard about a shooting and found three people injured, two of whom were in critical condition.

“Both of these students are now dead at the hospital.” The third person, who works at the school and is in very bad shape, said this, according to Des Moines Police Department spokesman Paul Parizek.

At the same time, two people died and three others were seriously hurt when someone broke into a Chicago apartment and started shooting on Monday afternoon. Police said that several suspects ran away from the scene and were not being held.

When the AP talked about school shootings, they said that it was the sixth time this year that someone was hurt or killed at a school in the US, but the first time that people died. This is according to Education Week, which keeps track of school shootings.

Last year, there were 51 injuries or deaths at school, and since 2018, there have been 150. In Uvalde, Texas, at an elementary school, 21 people were killed in the worst school shooting of the year.

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