Yemi Mobolade Makes History: First Black Mayor of Colorado Springs

Yem Mobolade Net Worth
Yem Mobolade Net Worth

Yemi Mobolade is a leader and businessman from Nigeria and the United States. He won the 2023 election and is now the mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

When the mayoral race results came out on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, Yemi was the first Black person to be chosen to lead the city. In the city’s final, he was able to beat Wayne Williams.

In the end, Yemi got 57% of the votes, while Williams only got 43%. He had already said in April 2022 that he would run as an independent candidate for mayor of Colorado Springs in the 2023 election.

Yemi came out on top of the 12 candidates who ran in the nonpartisan blanket election on April 4, 2023. So, he moved on to the next round of voting, where he will face Williams.

Yemi will now take over as mayor of Colorado Springs from John Suthers. He will be the city’s 42nd mayor.

Let’s find out some interesting information about Yemi Mobolade’s spouse, bio, parents, younger siblings, net worth, personal information and Kids.

What Is Mayor Yemi Mobolade Net Worth?

Yemi Mobolade Net Worth
Yemi Mobolade Net Worth

Yemi is a wealthy businessman with a net worth in the millions. He used to be part of the team that started two restaurants and a church in the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Yemi has worked as a Business Coach and Consultant at Niche Coaching and Consulting since January 2011. He is also a co-owner and co-founder of the Good Neighbors Meeting House LLC.

Yemi was also one of the people who started The Wild Goose Meeting House LLC in November 2013. He used to work for the City of Colorado Springs as a Small Business Development Administrator from May 2019 to April 2022.

From July 2017 until May 2019, Yemi was the Vice President of Business Retention and Expansion at the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce & EDC. From July 2015 to December 2018, he was also one of the founders and the Executive Chairperson of COSILoveYou.

Yemi got a job as the City Engagement/Outreach Director at the First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs in July 2015. Until July 2017, he worked there for 2 years and 1 month.

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Who Is Yemi Mobolade? Colorado Springs Mayor Bio And Career

Mobolade is a native of Lagos, Nigeria. Mobolade’s father did business work for ExxonMobil, and his mother taught high school. He has a brother who is older and two younger sisters.

Mobolade moved to the United States in August 1996. In 2001, he got his degree from Bethel University. He got his master’s degree in management and leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University and his master’s degree in religion from A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary.

Mobolade moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the year 2010. He started a church with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and helped start two restaurants. Between 2015 and 2017, he was in charge of service at the First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs. From 2017 to 2019, he was the vice president of business retention for the Chamber of Commerce in Colorado Springs. From 2019 to 2022, he was the small business growth manager for Colorado Springs.

Yemi Mobolade’s Wife And Partner

Yemi Mobolade Wife, Abbey
Yemi Mobolade Wife, Abbey

Abbey Mobolade Gochenaur is the beloved wife and partner of Mobolade, who became a United States citizen in 2017. Together, they form a strong and supportive family unit, nurturing their three children with love and care. Abbey’s presence and unwavering support have been instrumental in Mobolade’s journey toward obtaining American citizenship.

Her dedication to their family and shared dreams have created a warm and nurturing environment for their children to thrive. Abbey’s role in their family is vital, as she stands by Mobolade’s side, embracing their new home and creating a future filled with happiness and opportunities for their family.

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