American Professional Boxer Terence Crawford Net Worth: How Rich Is This Person In 2022!

terence crawford net worth
terence crawford net worth

People look for Terence Crawford‘s Net Worth in 2022. So, we’ve updated our page with Terence Crawford’s Net Worth in 2022, his age, height, and a lot more information. Boxing is what Terence Crawford does for a living.

Terence Crawford is a professional boxer who fights in the WBO. His nicknames are “Bud” and “Hunter.” Crawford is a tough boxer who never gives up. He is known for his strong punches, quick hands, ring IQ, ability to counterpunch, and defensive skills. Because of his many wins and fighting spirit, he quickly became one of the best boxers.

He has been in 38 fights and has never lost one. The most amazing thing is that he knocked out his opponents in 29 of his fights. So let’s look at Terence Crawford’s salary, endorsements, cars, houses, properties, charities, etc. to get a better idea of how much money he has.

Terence Crawford: Net Worth 2022

American boxer Terence Crawford has a net worth of $8 million and works as a pro as of 2022. Terence has won several WBO titles in different weight classes over the course of his career.

Terence Crawford Fight Earnings

He made a total of $6.6 million for his fights against Jose Benevidez Jr. and Jeff Horn. He made about $6 million from his fight with Shawn Porter not too long ago.

Terence Crawford Endorsements

During his career, Crawford worked with many different brands. At the moment, he is sponsored by Everlast, a well-known brand of gloves, and Populum, a well-known brand of hemp CBD.

Terence Crawford: Wife

Terence Crawford has not yet gotten married. He is still with Alindra Person, the woman he has been dating for a long time. They have six kids together. Terence Jr., Miya, T. Bud, Tyrese, Lay Lay, and Trinity are their names.

Terence Crawford Charities

Crawford has done a lot of work for charity and has also opened the B&B Sports Academy to help kids who are having trouble. Sources say that the boxer has also gone on two missions to help the poor and needy in Africa.

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