Susan Sarandon Net Worth 2023: How Much Money Does She Make?

Susan Sarandon net worth
Susan Sarandon net worth

Susan Sarandon is known as an actor, voice actor, activist, and film producer. On October 4, 1946, Susan Sarandon was born. Most people want to know how much money Susan Sarandon has. So, we’ve changed the information here. Some people will want to know more about the lives of their favorite famous people.

People are also looking for Susan Sarandon’s Net Worth now. How much money Susan Sarandon has is something that can be found on the internet. Let’s go into more depth to find out more.

Susan Sarandon: Net Worth 2023

American actress Susan Sarandon has a net worth of $60 million as of 2023. Sarandon is one of the best-known actresses of her time. During her career, she has won a number of awards, including an Oscar and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Susan Sarandon: Early Life Details

Susan Abigail Tomalin was born in New York City on October 4, 1946. Susan and her eight siblings grew up in New Jersey in a Roman Catholic family. From a young age, Susan went to Catholic schools. Her father was in charge of advertising and making TV shows.

She went to The Catholic University of America to study drama after she graduated from high school in 1964. During college, she took drama classes with the well-known coach Gilbert V. Hartke and got a BA in drama. During this time, she worked as a hairdresser and a housekeeper to pay the bills. Susan met her husband Chris Sarandon in college, and after they got married, she changed her name to Susan Sarandon. Even after they split up, she kept using her last name as her stage name.

Susan Sarandon: Personal Life Details

Susan Sarandon got married to Chris Sarandon for the first time in 1967. In 1979, they split up. Susan dated famous people like David Bowie and Sean Penn before she started dating filmmaker Franco Amurri. Together, they had a daughter named Eva Amurri, who went on to become an actress.

Tim Robbins and Sarandon started dating in 1988. Over the next 11 years, they were together and had two sons. Sarandon dated Jonathan Bricklin for the next six years after she broke up with Robbins in 2009.

Susan Sarandon: Career Details

She went to a casting call for the movie “Joe” with her husband Chris Sarandon, whom she had married in 1967. She decided to try out for the part even though she had never thought about acting as a career before. She got a big part in the movie as an extra.

She was in a few movies in the early 1970s before she got her big break in 1975. She played Janet Weiss in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” a musical comedy horror that paid tribute to low-budget horror movies.

In the 1988 comedy film “Sweet Hearts Dance,” she played Sandra Boon. The movie was about two couples, one who had been married for a long time and the other who were just getting together.

In the 1995 crime movie “Dead Man Walking,” she played Sister Helen Prejean. Tim Robbins helped make the movie and also directed it. It was a well-liked movie that was nominated for several Academy Awards.

Susan Sarandon: Real Estate

Between 2011 and 2012, Susan Sarandon added a lot of property to her portfolio. After she broke up with Tim Robbins, Sarandon paid him $3.2 million to get full ownership of the six-bedroom duplex they shared in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. In the same month, she also bought a Greenwich Village penthouse with one bedroom for $1.75 million. Susan put the six-bedroom Chelsea duplex on the market for $7.9 million in July 2020.

Also, Sarandon was able to get a Brooklyn apartment for $900,000. Even though the property isn’t anything special, the location is good and the 2,000-square-foot apartment has its own parking garage. Sarandon will probably rent out the house to make money.

Favorite Quotes By Susan Sarandon

“When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.”

“New York is very user-friendly if you don’t want to be in a car all the time. It can also provide you with surprises because it’s so compressed – if you walk around, you just find things.” 

“I look forward to being older when what you look like becomes less and less an issue and what you are is the point.” 

“In the theater, you’re so much more in charge as an actor. For better or for worse, you know what the audience is seeing. But you can be acting your socks off on film, and then you see the movie, and the camera is on the other actor, or they’ve cut out the lines you thought were significant, or they’ve adjusted the plot. So much of it is out of your control.”

“I just want my kids to love who they are, have happy lives, and find something they want to do and make peace with that. Your job as a parent is to give your kids not only the instincts and talents to survive, but help them enjoy their lives.” 

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