Stephen Gillen Net Worth: How a Former Gangster Became a Peace Ambassador

Stephen Gillen Net Worth
Stephen Gillen Net Worth

Stephen Gillen is an inspiring example of how one may change their life from one of crime to one of peace. He is a lawyer, author, and educator who focuses on intellectual property and entertainment law.

He is also a philanthropist and International Peace Prize contender who travels the world to assist people in avoiding gang life.

But how did he accomplish such a miraculous turnaround? And what is his current net worth? In this article, we will look at Stephen Gillen’s life narrative, net worth, and accomplishments.

Stephen Gillen Net Worth And Achievements

Stephen Gillen is not just a wealthy businessman, but also a humanitarian. He is a nominee for the International Peace Prize and works as a peace ambassador for different organizations and causes. He travels the world telling his tale and inspiring others to avoid gang life.

He has interacted with key leaders such as the UN Secretary-General and the Dalai Lama. He is also a philanthropist, contributing to a variety of charities and initiatives that benefit children, women, refugees, and prisoners.

Stephen Gillen Net Worth

Millions of dollars have been contributed to numerous organizations and programs that promote peace, education, health, and human rights. As of 2023, Stephen Gillen’s net worth is expected to be around $2 million. Writing books and essays on intellectual property and entertainment law is his primary source of income.

He also gets paid for lecture engagements, consultancy, and expert witness testimony. His writings are being adapted into a $30 million Hollywood picture about his incredible life tale.

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Stephen Gillen Early Life and Criminal Career

Stephen Gillen was born in England but spent his first nine years of life in Belfast during the height of Northern Ireland’s Troubles. On a regular basis, he watched death and destruction, which severely touched him. He recalls seeing a young man die in his presence after being shot by a sniper.

He claims that this encounter instilled in him the seeds of cruelty. When he was nine, he returned to England with his family, but he quickly became embroiled in street gangs and petty criminality. He was already in a juvenile jail center when he was 14 years old.

He later rose to become one of London’s most dreaded criminals, engaging in armed robberies, drug trafficking, and brutal turf fights. During his criminal career, he claims to have cheated death 100 times.

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In the early 1990s, he was ultimately apprehended for a huge armed robbery and sentenced to 17 years in prison. He spent most of his time in Category A high-security prisons, where he participated in gang activity and prison uprisings.

Stephen Gillen Family  Wife and Younger Days

In addition to his professional activities, Stephen Gillen has worked as a consultant and expert witness in intellectual property and entertainment disputes.

Stephen is happily married to Daphne Gillen, for those who are interested in his personal life. Stephen Gillen, who has an impressive net worth and a successful career in intellectual property and entertainment law, is still well-recognized in his area. His services to the legal profession have earned him numerous accolades and recognition, establishing him as an industry leader.

Stephen Gillen Redemption and Transformation

Stephen Gillen’s life was turned upside down when he was visited by the ghost of his late aunt Madge, who reared him in Belfast and tried to shield him from the horrors of The Troubles.

He claims she appeared to him one night in his cell and advised him to quit keeping grudges and start forgiving people. This experience, he claims, was a stunning insight that made him realize he had squandered his life on hatred and violence.

He resolved to change his life by pursuing knowledge and spirituality. While in prison, he enrolled in a variety of classes and activities, including law, psychology, philosophy, and meditation. He also began writing his memoirs, which he ultimately published under the title The Monkey Puzzle Tree.

The book goes into great length about his life and how he overcame his past traumas and regrets. After serving 16 years of his sentence, he was released in 2010. He furthered his studies by earning a Master of Laws degree from Harvard Law School, where he concentrated on intellectual property and entertainment law. He also became an author, lawyer, and professor, teaching at colleges all around the world.

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