What Is Sia Net Worth? How Did She Make Her Money?

sia net worth

Sia’s Net Worth: Sia Kate Isobelle Furler is an Australian singer, songwriter, and voice actress. Most of his fans want to know how much money she has.

This article gives that information and more about the famous Australian singer-songwriter. Sia Furler has become more well-known and makes a good living from what she does.

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler Was Born On December 18th Of 1975 In Adelaide, South Australia. Both Of Her Parents Are Artists, And Her Father Is A Musician. She Attended Adelaide High School And Soon Started To Approach Music As A Viable Career.

During Her Early Years, She Idolized Singers Such As Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, And Sting.

How Does Sia Make Money?

Sia is a multi-talented artist, having worked in voice acting, songwriting, and filmmaking. The majority of her income comes from her mainstream activities, but she also has some side hustles. She has many different streams of income, all of which are detailed below.

  • Albums and Songs
  • Voice Actress
  • Concerts
  • YouTube
  • Merchandise

How Much Does Sia Earn Every Year?

Sia has made a lot of money by singing, writing songs, being a voice actress, and acting as a director. She also has a YouTube channel that brings in about $4 million per year. Sia is also in the business of selling homes.

All of these things helped Sia’s account grow. Here is an estimate of how much she makes each month:

  • Yearly Income: $4.5 million
  • Monthly Income: $375K
  • Weekly Income: $86.5K
  • Daily Income: $12.3K
  • Hourly Income: $513.7

Earnings From YouTube

YouTube is a major source of revenue for Sia. Sia, her YouTube persona, was founded in 2007. She has posted 107 videos on her channel since then.

There are currently 19.6 million subscribers to the account, and a total of 105.22 billion views have been generated. Sia can make up to $5.5 million per year in ad revenue from YouTube alone.

Sia Exquisite Furnishings

Sia has put together unique furniture to make her luxury estates stand out. The Magnificent Floorboards are the most well-known of these. The pop star told the media that it cost her about $1.2 million. She was able to pay for it easily because “Dusk Till Dawn,” the song she sang with Zayn Malik, made her a lot of money.

Sia bought a Steinway piano after writing the song “Diamonds” with Rihanna, which was another expensive thing she bought. She has also put in a chandelier in the shape of a phallus, which could be a sign of her success with the song “Chandelier.”

A pricey stove, which the singer is said to have bought, is in the kitchen. Mail Online says that the success of Flo Rida’s single “Wild Ones,” which was a hit in 2011, bought her a nice couch.

Sia Luxury Estates

While house hunting in Echo Park in 2014, Sia paid around $660,000 for a modest bungalow in the neighborhood. The house has 836 square feet of living space and is located in a quiet, secluded area.

While the $849,000 two-bedroom home may not look like it belonged to a celebrity of Sia’s stature, it sold quickly after she listed it in 2018. She was able to sell the house in just a few months for $980,000, which was $130,000 over the asking price.

With this, the singer earned a respectable 33 percent return on her money in just four years. It was reported in 2015 that Sia Furler and her then-husband Erik Anders Lang had purchased a 4,549-square-foot property in Toluca Lake, a posh Los Angeles neighbourhood that is home to a number of celebrities.

This home, situated on 1.36 acres of land, was purchased by Furler and Lang for $5.15 million. Sia spent $4.7 million on a Los Feliz home in 2015. She sold it a year later for $4.75 million, making a modest profit.

As of 2020, the Australian singer lives in her $5 million home in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, with her two adopted children. Sia’s La Mansions used to be homes for rescued animals, but she has now added these teenagers to her family. She is also a grandmother to one of her adopted sons, who lives with her in her home in Los Angeles.

Sia Net Worth

Australian pop singer and songwriter Sia Furler has a net worth of $30 million. She is often just known as “Sia” on stage. Sia Furler started out by playing in a band in Australia. Later, she went solo and became successful.

After releasing a few albums that didn’t do very well, she became well-known in the mainstream after moving to the United States. Aside from her solo music career, she has also done well as a voice actor and as the director of music videos. Sia has won many awards and been nominated for many more over the course of her career.

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