Pravin Tambe Net Worth And Salary 2022 – How Much Does Pravin Tambe Earn?

Pravin Tambe net worth
Pravin Tambe net worth

Cricket player Pravin Tambe plays professionally and is based in India. His biopic movie “Kaun Pravin Tambe?” has helped him gain popularity right now. He was regarded as one of the IPL’s older players.

Pravin Tambe Net Worth

An Indian leg spinner bowler named Pravin Tambe has a net worth of Rs. 6 crore, or $700,000 in American dollars. Due to his participation in the Indian Premier League, his net worth increased by 9 to 22%.

The majority of Pravin Tambe’s earnings come from his participation in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is his main source of income.

Predictions indicate that he will earn between 10,000 and 20,000 rupees annually from match fees, prize money, and income from the cricket academy.


On October 8, 1971, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Pravin Tambe was born to an Indian family who practiced Hinduism. His full name is Pravin Vijay Tambe, and Libra is his birth sign. He hasn’t provided any information about his academic background. As a result, we are currently in the dark regarding his academic endeavors.

Indian is his nationality. However, there is currently no information online about his parents or siblings. His wife’s name is unavailable, and his marital status is single. He has a son and a daughter as far as children go. He has posted pictures of them on social media, but he hasn’t disclosed any of their personal information.


At the beginning of his career, Pravin, who is now 41, wanted to be a fast bowler, but captain Ajay Kadam suggested that he bowl leg-spin instead.

Pravin never played cricket at the city or district level, but being chosen for the Indian Premier League (IPL) was a significant accomplishment in his life. Rahul Dravid, a former Rajasthan Royals cricketer, served as his mentor at that time.

For taking the most wickets during the Champions League in 2013, Pravin was given the Golden Wicket award. He received the “Man of the Match award” in 2014 for his hat-trick. Pravin played cricket for India for the first time ever in the Caribbean Premier League in 2020. (CPL).

Pravin participated in 63 Twenty20 matches, where he scored 38 runs and claimed 68 wickets while playing in two First-class matches, six List A cricket matches, and two First-class matches.
The biopic “Kaun Pravin Tambe?” about Pravin Tambe’s life was produced in the year 2022 and premiered on Disney+Hotstar on April 1 of that same year.

About His Personal Life

Vaishali Tambe is his wife. Pranav Tambe, a son, and Pari Tambe, a daughter, are the couple’s children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pravin Tambe’s salary?

In his entire IPL career, Pravin Tambe has earned a total of Rs. 80 lakh.

How much money does Pravin Tambe make?

Pravin Tambe has a $700K net worth.

What is Pravin Tambe’s salary?

The yearly salary of Pravin Tambe ranges from Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 lakh.

What currently does Pravin Tambe do?

As of 2022, Pravin teaches cricket at his own cricket academy called “Pravin Tambe Cricket Academy based in Mumbai, Maharashtra”

Did Pravin Tambe play for India?

No, Pravin didn’t play for the Indian Cricket Team

What is the name of Pravin Tambe’s son?

Pravin Tambe’s son’s name is Pranav Tambe

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