Pedro Alonso Net Worth – How Rich Is The ‘money Heis’ Actor?

pedro alonso net worth
pedro alonso net worth

Pedro Ochoro González Alonso Lopez, known professionally as Pedro Alonso, is a Spanish entertainer, actor, author, and artist. He is best known for his roles as Andrés “Berlin” de Fonollosa in the Spanish series La casa de papel, also known as Money Heist in English, and Diego Murqua in the historical series Gran Hotel. As a writer and artist, he publishes under the pen name Pedro Alonso O’choro.

Pedro Alonso Net Worth

Since he has been in the entertainment business for almost two decades, Pedro Alonso is a highly well-known name. Because of his dedication and perseverance in acting and performing, he has amassed a net worth of probably more than $6 million. He has the resources to live a luxurious lifestyle for the rest of his life. Furthermore, this is not the end for this man, as he still has a tonne of endeavors and projects in store for him.

Pedro Alonso Professional Life & Career

Pedro Alonso is a multi-talented character. He is a writer, performer, and craftsman. As an author, he goes by the pen name Pedro. Furthermore, this character is best known for his role as Andrés “Berlin” de Fonollosa in Money Heist (La casa de papel). It is a heist series set in Spain.

Furthermore, people recognize this character for his role as Diego Murqua in Gran Hotel. This is a show series that has been chronicled. He is also an essayist and craftsman who publishes his work under the pen name “Pedro Alonso O’choro.”

Similarly, this character is notable for his television appearances in Ras Baixas from 2003 to 2005. He then worked on the project Maridos e mulleres from 2006 to 2008, Padre Casares from 2008 to 2015, and Gondar in 2009.

Furthermore, this performer appeared at a local level in Galicia. Similarly, he is well-known for portraying characters such as Diego Murqua/Adrián Vera Celande in the acclaimed show Gran Hotel. In addition, the entertainer played Andrés “Berlin” de Fonollosa in Money Heist (La casa de papel), a crime dramatization series that aired on Antena 3 in 2017.

Then, in the year 2018, GQ Turkey magazine named this entertainer the “Global Star of the Year.” This entertainer also appeared in Diablo Guardián. It is the first dramatization series produced by Amazon Prime Video in Latin America. This was completed in May of 2018. The following year, for example, 2019, this entertainer played the lead role in The Silence of the Marsh. This is a spine-chilling secret.

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Pedro Alonso Wife

Since he appeared in Money Heist, many people have expressed interest in him, and some of them mistakenly believe he is married or engaged. In reality, Pedro is currently dating a woman, and the two of them have appeared in front of the media numerous times. He is in a committed relationship with Tatiana Djordjevic, an artist and hypnotherapist in Paris. She is not his romantic interest, though, as Pedro already has a child called Uriel from a prior relationship.

Pedro Alonso Awards

For his performance in Father Casares, Pedro was nominated in 2009 for the Golden Nymph Award for Outstanding Actor. Additionally, he has been nominated for Silver Frames and Mestre Mateo Awards. He was honored by the Spanish Actors Union in 2019 for his outstanding work in Money Heist. Pedro has won the International Award category of the Filming Italy Best Movie Award.

What is Pedro Alonso’s age?

Pedro Alonso is 51 years old (as of 2022).

When is Pedro Alonso’s birthday?

The birthday of Pedro Alonso is June 21, 1971.

What is Pedro Alonso’s height?

5′ 8″ tall is Pedro Alonso.

From where is Pedro Alonso?

Spanish Galicia is where Pedro Alonso is from.

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