Luke Bell Cause Of Death Revealed, Country Singer Luke Bell Died Of An Accidental Fentanyl Overdose

luke bell cause of death
luke bell cause of death

Luke Bell’s cause of death has been found three weeks after he was found dead in the Tucson desert. A representative from the Pima County Medical Examiner’s office said that the singer’s autopsy report showed that Bell, who was 32 years old, died of fentanyl poisoning. Bell’s death was listed as an accident.

According to Source, the autopsy showed that Bell was found by a passerby unresponsive in a shaded area of a parking lot with drug paraphernalia nearby. Bell had been reported missing several days before his body was found on August 26.

Bell’s friends, management, and label team told Billboard at the time of his death that the “Where Ya Been” singer would sometimes disappear for weeks at a time. While his family and close friends spent sleepless nights looking for Bell in homeless camps, hospitals, and local jails, Bell told fans in July that he had bipolar disorder in a Facebook post.

“Every day is different and brings new problems to solve. “The problem with bipolar is that you don’t know which personality will show up on any given day,” he said. Even though he turned up all the other times, like when he was found walking around Denver without shoes or a coat on Christmas Eve, they feared the worst this time.

“He was funny, smart, and put people at ease… “In recent years, he acted like a country bumpkin, but he knew more than he let on,” said Brian Buchanan, his longtime manager, and friend. “He was just nice. He wasn’t malicious or mean unless his demons were controlling him,” Buchanan said. “Once, he was in a bad mood and wouldn’t answer when I called him Luke. He would say, “I’m not Luke” and mean it. He’d go to war with you over it.”

When people close to Bell talked about him after he died, they all told the same story: he was a kind-hearted, incredibly talented songwriter and performer who was brought down by terrible mental health problems that required constant vigilance, tender understanding from friends and family who knew his true heart and fought like hell to get him the help he needed.

Below, you can hear Bell’s song “Where Ya Been.”

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