locker boards net worth

locker boards net worth

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Many kids are focused on their own problems, whether it’s a math test that’s coming up or whether they look cool around others.

The Virgin Group is owned by Richard Branson, and Carson mocked the product locker board on Shark Tank. The creator, Carson, was pleased to bring his first non-folding skateboard, which can fit in a bag in his locker at school.

While the reality program Shark Tank looks for opportunities to invest in the top American companies. One of the youngest participants on Shark Tank, this adolescent left with a lucrative deal.

Locker Boards Net Worth 2022

In order to raise $60,000 for 15 of his businesses, Carson and his mother participated in Shark Tank for season 9 episode 1. This translates to a valuation of $400,000.

They agreed to Richard’s offer of $65,000 for a 20% ownership, valuing the company at $325,000. Since the company has expanded, it is obvious that the current valuation is larger.

Richard Branson is the investor, and he has a net worth of $6.5 Billion as of 2022.

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What is Locker Board?

Locker Board is a new way to get around that was made by a young boy in his hometown of Southern California.

A Locker Board is a skateboard that doesn’t fold up and is made to fit in a school locker or a bag for compact portability when it’s not being used.

The gadget, which was made from recycled materials at first, is meant to be a more flexible alternative to a regular skateboard.

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Who Is The Creator Of The Locker Board?

Carson Kropfl, a middle school student from San Clemente, California, made the first Locker Boards in his house.

This wasn’t even his first business venture. He has also made a device that lets you surf on the ground with a skateboard.

Carson was eventually forced to hire other people to make his products because demand was higher than his skills.

When he was 11, Carson Kropfl came up with the idea for the Locker Board. This young entrepreneur had just begun middle school and was unhappy that his skateboards were too big to fit in his locker.

Carson made and sold the first Locker Boards on his own because he didn’t want to do chores and was too young to work for money.

Kropf is being taught by some of the most powerful people in the world.

Wing Lam, who helped start Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, and Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, who works on Nike’s Sustainable Innovation Team as a sustainability specialist, are two of the people he counts.

Carson supports environmentally friendly business practices and gives money to the Tony Hawk Foundation, which builds skate parks in areas that need them.

He gives $1 to the charity for every board that is sold.

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What Happened to Locker Board After Shark Tank?

One of the youngest teenagers to have a Shark Tank deal, Carson Kropfl, 13, is estimated to be worth $325,000.

The effort was worthwhile. Carson’s argument was so compelling that Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and guest judge Richard Branson battled it out for investment. By investing $65,000 for 20% of The Locker Board, Richard Branson valued the company at $325,000.

After Carson and Sir Branson made a deal on Shark Tank, he was overjoyed to learn that the show had helped increase the number of visitors to his website from five to 1,500 in a matter of seconds. Orders continued to come in, which made Carson “pretty dang delighted.”

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Branson paid $65,000 for a 20 percent stake in Locker Board, valuing it at $325,000. Richard Branson is actually Sir Richard Branson, so that’s why I picked him, says Carson. “The English Queen has knighted him.

2. Who owns Locker Board?

At the age of 11, Carson Kropfl of San Clemente, California, launched Locker Board in October 2016. When he appeared on Shark Tank in 2017, Sir Richard Branson, the creator of the Virgin Group, agreed to invest in him.

When he joins the Shark Tank in episode 9 – the season 9 premiere – 12-year-old Carson Kropfl and his mother, Carrie, seek a Shark to invest in Locker Boards – skateboards made to fit in a backpack and school locker.

4. What is a Locker Board skateboard?

The first non-folding skateboard on the marketplace that can fit inside a backpack is called a Locker Board. Simple to transport to school, on vacation, and for commuting. SUITABLE FOR THE PLANET There is only maple wood in the new Wham-O Locker Board deck!