What Is “RHOM” Star Lisa Hochstein Net Worth? (Updated 2023)

lisa hochstein net worth
lisa hochstein net worth 2023

Lisa Hochstein Net Worth: Lisa Hochstein was born July 24, 1982, and is a well-known Canadian-American actress, model, fashion expert, activist, TV personality, social media influencer, businesswoman, and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. The Real Housewives of Miami, a well-liked reality television program, has Lisa as one of its cast members. She joined The Real Housewives of Miami’s cast in 2012, according to her IMDb page.

Some people want to know how much money Lisa Hochstein has. She has a huge career because So, in this article, we’ll help you find out how much money she makes from his show “RHOM” and what her net worth is. Let’s find out.

Early Years

Before earning a business degree from Lynn University, she attended Boca Raton High School. Lisa started modeling at a young age and was featured in a number of publications, including Seventeen, Vogue, and Elle. She appeared as a model in numerous print advertisements and runway events. After graduating, she fell in love and wed Lenny Hochstein. The pair established a thriving plastic surgery practice together.

Lisa joined The Real Housewives of Miami’s cast in 2010. Viewers observed Lisa’s opulent lifestyle on the program, which included opulent vacations, luxury cars, and fashionable apparel. They also witnessed her struggle with her spouse to conceive a child as she went through multiple failed IVF cycles.

Lisa established herself as a fierce and driven housewife during the course of her appearances on the show. She frequently disagreed with her fellow housewives and had no problem speaking her views. Following three seasons, Lisa departed the program in 2013. She has maintained a low profile ever then, but she occasionally still shows up at Miami charity events.

Lisa Hochstein Career

Lisa started modeling and entering beauty pageants when she was young, and in 2002, she was named Miss Swimsuit Canada. She has been in “Playboy” magazine three times: once in “Playboy’s Sexy Girls Next Door,” once on the cover of “Playboy’s Vixens,” and once in “Voluptuous Vixens.”

Hochstein had an uncredited part as a go-go dancer on the ESPN football drama “Playmakers” in 2003, and she was cast as “Hot tub Girl” in the 2004 movie “Against the Ropes,” but her scenes didn’t make the final cut.

In 2006, she was in “The Last Kiss,” a movie with Zach Braff and Rachel Bilson. Lisa and model Joanna Krupa joined the cast of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Miami” in 2012.

They were joined by Marysol Patton, Adriana De Moura, and Lea Black, who had been on the show before. Hochstein was on the show for the second and third seasons, and she was in 34 episodes. “The Real Housewives of Miami” was canceled in 2013.

Lisa and her husband own the Hochstein Medspa, which is described as “where luxury meets state-of-the-art technologies and treatments.”


Humanitarian and philanthropist Lisa Hochstein has long had a positive influence on the world. She made the decision to devote her life to assisting those in need after graduating from college by pursuing a career in charity.

Through her different charity organizations, Lisa has made it her aim to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate.

With her charities, Lisa has raised funds to help people in need of shelter, food, medical treatment, and other necessities. She has dedicated her time and coordinated countless activities and fundraising efforts to benefit these causes.

Lisa has also spoken at a number of conferences and workshops to raise awareness of the problems that underprivileged areas face. She has also started fundraising efforts to support initiatives for access to education, clean water, and disaster assistance.

In addition to her involvement with nonprofits, Lisa has held various non-profit board positions. She also participates actively in the Giving Circle of Miami, which awards donations to regional organizations that support families and children in need.

Several organizations have recognized Lisa for her passion and commitment to improving the lives of others. She was recognized by Boca Magazine as one of the “50 Most Powerful Women in South Florida” in 2018. Together with other publications, the Miami Herald and Miami New Times have highlighted her work.

Lisa’s dedication to supporting her community has motivated countless others all across the world. Her relentless efforts to build a society that is more just and equal have surely improved the lives of innumerable people.

Lisa Hochstein Net Worth?

Lisa Hochstein used to be a model for Playboy and is now a reality TV star. As of 2023, she will have a net worth of $50 million. Lisa is best known for being a member of “The Real Housewives of Miami” cast.

Lisa Hochstein amassed her fortune after marrying Dr. Leonard “Lenny” Hochstein, a prominent Miami plastic surgeon. Lisa Hochstein is best known for being a part of the cast of “The Real Housewives of Miami,” which airs on Bravo (2012–2013).

Lisa Hochstein Income From RHOM

It’s no surprise that a big part of Lisa Hochstein’s net worth comes from the money she makes on RHOM. Ok Magazine says that the best-paid Miami Housewives made between $55,000 and $75,000 per season. Lisa Hochstein must have made around that much from the show since she has been in 34 episodes.

Obviously, $75,000 is still a lot of money for letting cameras record you drinking, sneering, and arguing with your co-stars. Lisa Hochstein’s goal in life is to become an actress, even though she hasn’t been credited as a featured actress yet. This is what made her want to be in RHOM.

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Lisa Hochstein Income From PlayBoy

Lisa has since made money by modeling for Playboy, and for a while, she was even a Playboy playmate. Celebrity Net Worth says that “Playmate of the Month” models get paid $25,000 for a single photo shoot. Lisa Hochstein’s net worth went through the roof because of her work at the company.

She made a lot of money. She was also in a TV commercial for Virgin Mobile Canada in 2005, which is sure to have brought in a lot of money.

Lisa Hochstein Real Estate

Like Kenya Moore, Lisa Hochstein has made a lot of money from reality TV and spent a lot on real estate. She and her husband own several homes, including the $4.5 million Palacio Del Eden on the Sunset Islands.

Hochstein put this house up for sale in 2012 for $10.7 million. In the same year, he paid $7.6 million for a mansion on Star Island. But when plans to tear down their historic home on Star Island and build a new one became public, Hochstein found himself in court.

Even though the legal battle was long, they won in the end, and the house she built is thought to be worth between $40 and $50 million.

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