Leandro Lima Net Worth in 2023, Early Life, Career, Height, and Weight

Leandro Lima Net Worth in 2023
Leandro Lima Net Worth in 2023

Leandro Lima is a Brazilian model and actor who has worked in show business since 1999. He has appeared in a number of films and television episodes, including City of God, Insensato Coraço, and Burning Betrayal.

He’s also a successful fashion model, having worked with Versace, Calvin Klein, and Christian Dior. But what will he be worth in 2023? In this post, we will investigate his sources of income, assets, and expenses in order to calculate his net worth in 2023.

Leandro Lima Net Worth in 2023

Leandro Lima’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, according to various estimates. Assuming he maintained a consistent income from his modeling and acting ventures and had no substantial losses or gains, we can estimate his net worth in 2023 to be in the same ballpark.

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Leandro Lima Early Life

Leandro Lima was born on February 25, 1982, in Joo Pessoa, Brazil, as Leandro Lima Lemos.In 2004, he graduated from the Centro Universitário de Joo Pessoa with a degree in Publicity and Advertising.He graduated from the José Lins do Rêgo Cultural Space in theater in 2011.In 2012, he attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City to study performing arts.

Leandro Lima Career

Leandro Lima’s career began in 1999, when he founded the axé band Ala Ursa, with which he became a vocalist and played throughout Brazil’s Northeast region, as well as singing every year in Joo Pessoa’s traditional Carnival.

He competed in the fourth season of the talent program Fama in 2005, however he did not make it to the semifinals and was eliminated in the first round.

A producer urged him to take a modeling test in 2006, and he was approved and signed with Joy Models. He left the band Ala Ursa to pursue a modeling career, eventually relocating to Europe and working for prominent labels such as Versace, Calvin Klein, and Christian Dior, as well as advertising campaigns in Milan, Paris, London, and Madrid.

In 2002, he made his acting debut in the legendary Brazilian film City of God, playing a minor role. After that, he acted in films such as Estamira, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, and The Good Side of Being Betrayed.

He has also appeared in various television shows, including Insensato Coraço, Joia Rara, and Belaventura. His most recent project is the Netflix romantic thriller Burning Betrayal, which will be available in October 2023.

Leandro Lima Height and Weight

Leandro Lima stands 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall.His body mass index (BMI) is 181 pounds (82 kilograms).His physique dimensions are 40-36-15 inches.His shoe size is 11 in the United States.His hair is brown, and his eyes are green.

How old is Leandro Lima?

Leandro Lima was born on November 9, 1985, making him 38 years old as of today.Leandro Lima, sometimes known as Leandrinho, is a Brazilian professional footballer best known for his play as a winger. Lima’s career has been defined by his accomplishments in the footballing arena, which have demonstrated his talents and passion to the sport.

Leandro Lima Nationality

Luiz Leandro Abreu de Lima, also known as Leandro Lima or Leandrinho, proudly represents Brazil in professional football. He was born on November 9, 1985, and symbolizes the spirit of Brazilian football skill, stemming from the country’s lively football culture.

His career trajectory, which emphasizes his role as a winger for Paysandu Sport Club, demonstrates his contribution to the Brazilian football scene and continues the tradition of talented and adaptable players in that nation.

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