laura clery net worth In 2022: How did Laura Clery became famous?

People Want To Know Laura Clery’s Net Worth In 2022. As A Result, We’ve Updated Our Page With Information About Laura Clery’s Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, And Other Interests. Laura Clery Is An Actress, Influencer, And Comedian Best Known For Posting Comedy Sketches And Vlogs About Her Day-to-day Life On Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, And YouTube.

Laura Clery’s Early Life

Laura Clery was born on July 22, 1986, in Downers Grove, Illinois. She boarded a plane as a young girl with $40 in her pocket and a sort of contact in New York to pursue her dreams. Things didn’t go as planned at first.

The Big Apple Was Awakening For The Naive Midwesterner, Who Got A Glimpse Of The Big City’s Seedy Underbelly.

Eventually, the self-proclaimed funny girl took matters into her own hands in order to pursue her career goals and fulfil her dreams. She changed coasts and went to Los Angeles.

Laura Clery’s Career

Laura Clery - Agent, Manager, Publicist Contact Info

After graduating from high school at age 17, Laura moved to Los Angeles to try to become an actress.

Five years after her first role (in a Spanish commercial), she landed her big break starring alongside Brad Garrett in the television series “’til Death.”

Laura was able to create a cast of characters for MTV’s Disaster Date from there.

She co-wrote, produced, and starred in Hungry with Porshe Thomas in 2013. The web series followed two models as they tried to figure out what to do with their lives after retiring from modelling.

Laura discovered that she enjoys creating content and characters through Disaster Date and Hungry. And a Star Was Born!

Digital Career

She made the most of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by pitching him a show idea about two ageing models. Simmons gave his approval.

Laura created, produced, and starred in a YouTube series before creating another.

Then the industry titan told her she had to strike out on her own. So she created her own comedic Facebook page.

Help Helen Smash was a comedy about an extremely unflatteringly filtered Laura attempting to flirt with her crush—her real-life husband Stephen.

Even though Facebook might not be the best place for aspiring entertainers to get ideas, Laura found her niche there.

Help Helen Smash was a cult sensation with a cult following of millions that continues to draw large online crowds.

Laura Clery’s House

Laura now lives in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. The property is approximately 5,300 square feet in size and sits on a 0.68-acre lot. It has a beautiful swimming pool and a large wooden deck with a built-in BBQ pit.

Laura Clery house in Woodland Hills

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Laura Clery’s Personal Life

Laura Clery Has Gotten Married. She Met, Married, And Had A Child With Stephen Hilton, The Composer Who Wrote The Scores For Megamind, James Bond: Quantum Of Solace, Ocean’s 11, 12, 13, And Moulin Rouge!

Alfred S. Hilton, the couple’s son, was born in 2019. Penelope Marilyn Hilton, their daughter, was born in 2021. We wish them continued success and happiness in their personal lives.

Laura Clery’s Social Media Accounts

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Laura Clery’s Net Worth

Laura Clery has a total net worth of $3 million as per 2022 . Her earnings come from her work as an actress, writer, and social media star. She is well known for her amusing social media content, such as the Help Helen Smash series. She has also appeared in a number of television shows and films, including Til Death, Disaster Date, Hungry, and The Hitchhiking Game.

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