Kirsten Storms Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Does Kirsten Storms Make?

Kirsten Storms Net Worth 2022

Maxie Jones, a character played by Kirsten Storms on General Hospital, has experienced numerous relationships and breakups. Storms’ life is less eventful than Maxie’s, although she has also gone through a public divorce.

Storms divorced Brandon Barash, a soap opera co-star, in 2016. She recently discussed the incident and the reasons their marriage failed.

Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms got divorced in 2016.

2013 saw the marriage of Storms and Barash. The couple welcomed Harper Rose as a daughter a year later.

But their union disintegrated in 2016. Barash stated that their “amicable” separation was the result of “the cliché insurmountable divides” in an interview with Soap Opera Digest at the time.

Storms and Barash also sought treatment before their breakup. We spent a lot of time in counseling trying to figure out how to communicate better with each other, Storms said. We don’t have any particular dislikes for one another.

We’ve determined that it would be healthier for all of us if our daughter were raised in two different homes, Barash continued.

Recently, Kirsten Storms discussed her divorce.

Storms recently made an appearance on State of Mind, the mental health television program hosted by co-star Maurice Benard, where she spoke briefly about her divorce from Barash.

The actor revealed that before they started dating, she and Barash were “excellent friends” for a considerable amount of time. After we got married, it became clear that their relationship wouldn’t work romantically, according to Storms.

We don’t always agree on certain things, she continued. “We still butt heads occasionally… He and I are rather dissimilar. In contrast to him, I am a free spirit.

She also dispelled the myth that the split was caused by infidelity, saying, “That was never a problem in our relationship. If he had cheated on me, we would not be speaking at this time. We didn’t experience a betrayal of such nature.

Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms discuss their shared parenting.

Despite the dissolution of their marriage, Storms and Barash have been successful in forging a good co-parenting bond. Storms claim that they both genuinely care for Harper and consistently attempt to put her needs first.

In recent years, Storms acknowledged, “I’ve grieved with Brandon over feeling like Harper has a broken family, and she doesn’t have a lot of peers who have divorced parents. But I can make things better for her if I get along with her father and his fiance and act sincere and truthful around them. And as a result, I have developed close friendships with each of them.

In the end, Storms and Barash are very in love with one another. Storms admitted that while “those I’m close to or related to having not,” Barash had always been there for her.

I’m grateful to him for a number of things, she continued.

Some FAQs About Kirsten Storm Net Worth:

What is Kirsten Storms’ average episode salary?

Akira Storms

She’s still playing the same role, and her projected earnings per episode range from $3k to $5k. Her estimated $6 million net worth

Kirsten Storms is she wed?

Barash, Brandon
Spouse Kirsten Storms (m. 2013–2016)
Brandon American actor Joseph Barash is well-known for portraying Johnny Zacchara on the ABC Daytime serial series General Hospital. Barash portrayed Jamie, Paris Geller’s lover, in several episodes of The WB drama series Gilmore Girls from 2002 to 2004.

Who is the General Hospital actor making the most money?

Finola Hughes, who has an $8 million net worth, is one of the top earners at General Hospital, according to Fame10. Since 1985, Hughes has intermittently played the part of Anna Devane, which she created. Both Kirsten Storms and Nancy Lee Grahn earn good salaries, with a combined net worth of $3 million.

Why underwent brain surgery for Kirsten Storms?

Storms disclosed in June that she had undergone brain surgery as a result of “random health difficulties” she had been experiencing. She thanked her supporters and provided details about her diagnosis and operation to remove a sizable cyst.

Kirsten Storms left Days of Our Lives for what reason?

After receiving an endometriosis diagnosis, she left the show in September 2011 and was replaced by Jen Lilley. Storms made her television comeback as Maxie on September 5, 2012, following over a year away. On January 2, 2014, Storms went on maternity leave, and she came back on April 8, 2014.

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