Kevin Kreider Net Worth 2023: A Real-Time Update On Kevin Kreider’s Life!

kevin kreider Net Worth
kevin kreider Net Worth

Kevin Kreider is a reality star and model from the United States. In 2021, Kreider got a lot of attention when he appeared on the Netflix reality show “Bling Empire.”

He was taken in by an American family when he was three years old. As a child, he never really felt like he fit in. He chose to try to make a living as a model and actor. Kreider was the first Asian-American greeter at the Fifth Avenue Abercrombie and Fitch store in New York City who didn’t wear a shirt.

Kevin Kreider: Net Worth 2023

Kevin is thought to be worth about $10 thousand as of 2023. Most of his money comes from modeling and deals with big brands. He has been in ads for brands like Gillette and Peloton and has been in magazines like Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness. He also works as a coach for healthy living and good eating.

Kevin Kreider: Early Life Details

Kevin Kreider was born on August 21, 1983, in South Korea. Kreider was taken in by a German-Irish family in Philadelphia when he was three years old. He felt bad about being the “Asian boy.” He spent most of his life trying to change how he looked to boost his confidence and self-esteem.

Kreider has been honest about his problems with identity, confidence, and stereotypes about Asian men.

Kevin Kreider: Career Details

Kreider Began As A Successful Wilhelmina ModelWilhelmina is an actress who works in movies, TV shows, and commercials. She also runs one of the biggest and most successful modelling agencies. Since 2008, his job has taken him to five countries on three continents.

In the beginning of his career, he worked as a natural bodybuilder until 2011, when he moved to Asia. His modelling career took off right away, and his first commercials were for big companies like Gillette and Toshiba.

Some of the commercials he’s worked on were in China, the US, and Thailand. Kevin is also in five independent films where he plays a role. Kreider was the first Asian-American to greet customers shirtless at Abercrombie and Fitch on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

In 2021, he became well-known when he joined the cast of the reality show “Bling Empire.” The show shows what rich Asian-Americans in Los Angeles are doing with their lives. Kevin doesn’t have a lot of money. He is definitely not weird.

In 2014, his body was hurt by the fact that his job in the entertainment business kept him busy all the time. He was told that he had a disease called alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks the hair follicles. He lost most of his hair and his modelling job in just two weeks.

He went to a two-year Meisner Conservatory to learn how to act. After developing alopecia areata, he skateboarded across America and wrote about the trip.

Favorite Quotes By Kevin Kreider

“People are going to see a lot of layers that you don’t see normally in reality – even non-Asian shows, white people’s shows, or whatever. And I think that’s going to blow people away. Letting people be vulnerable.”

“No, I got lucky. Back in Philadelphia, I thought about moving to go somewhere else and start my career again. I’ve been doing videos about Asian masculinity and my life as a model, and Kelly actually discovered one of those videos, DMed me, and said, “Hey, look, if you’re ever in L.A., I’d love to meet up sometime.” 

“I don’t think that was what it was meant to be. It’s just that I was so… like when I hang out with Kane and Kelly, they know I don’t come from money, so they’re not trying to shove it in my face like “Let’s go to a thousand-dollar five-course dinner.”

“I would tell people, yes, there’s bling. There are people with lots of money, but it’s really about finding my own comfort with a new group of friends that I live in this world with now. Finding my place in L.A., and trying to find my place here with a new group of Asian friends that I’ve never met before.” 

“I mean, probably not. That’s probably normal. I’ve flown to see a girl that I haven’t even met before, so it’s like, Nah, that’s not like a big gesture. What’s a big gesture actually is the effort of just finding one closed door after another.”

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