Kate Mckinnon Net Worth 2022: Early Life, Career, Relationship And How Much Mckinnon’s Exact SNL Salary?

kate mckinnon net worth
kate mckinnon net worth

Kate McKinnon is an artist and comedian from the United States with a net worth of $9 million as of 2022. McKinnon has become well-known for her appearances on numerous sketch shows, where she frequently does funny impressions of high-profile personalities. Kate went to “Saturday Night Live” after earning a name for herself on “The Big Gay Sketch Show,” where she will continue until 2020. On Saturday Night Live, McKinnon rapidly became a fan favorite.

Kate has appeared in numerous high-profile films in addition to her sketch comedy performances. She has been nominated for eight Primetime Emmy Awards over her career. She was nominated for two Emmys in 2016 and 2017. McKinnon is also known for her love of cats, and she has a “Saturday Night Live” segment called “Whiskers R We” that highlights this.

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Kate Mckinnon Net Worth 2022

Date of Birth January 6, 1984
Height 1.61m
Profession Actress
Country United States of America
Updated 2021

Kate Mckinnon Early Life

Kathryn McKinnon Berthold was born in Sea Cliff, New York on January 6th, 1984. Kate was raised in a middle-class home with a younger sister, and her father died when she was 18.

McKinnon had an interest in music as a child and learned to play a variety of instruments, including the piano, cello, and guitar. She began acting and doing impressions at a young age. One of her earliest recollections of acting was in fifth grade, when she impersonated the Queen of England in front of her classmates, using an English accent.

Kate attended Columbia University after finishing high school in 2002. She majored in theatre and co-founded Tea Party, a sketch comedy troupe. Musical improv comedy was one of her main interests in college. She also participated in many of the university’s productions and joined a prank comedy club.

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Kate Mckinnon Career

When Kate appeared in an episode of “The Big Gay Sketch Show,” her career took off. McKinnon remained a regular cast member for the next three seasons. She also began her voice acting career and did live sketch shows in New York City at this time. Animated movies such as “The Venture Bros.,” “Robotomy,” and “Ugly Americans” were among her early voice acting roles.

Kate was a well-known comic by 2009, and she received the NewNowNext Award for The best Rising Comic. She received several award nominations before continuing her voice career as an actor. Kate has voiced characters on “The Simpsons,” “Family Guy,” “Magic School Bus,” and “Nature Cat,” among others.

kate mckinnon Career
kate mckinnon Career

McKinnon joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live” in 2012. She was upgraded to a more central role in 2013 after starting as a featured player. McKinnon was also recognized for an Emmy Award for Best Female Actress in a Comedy Series in 2013. Over the previous few years, Kate has received more award nominations, with her comic tunes receiving particular appreciation. She ultimately won an Emmy for her performance on Saturday Night Live in 2016, making her the first cast member to do so since Dana Carvey 23 years before.

Kate became well-known for her celebrity impersonation during her stint on “Saturday Night Live.” 2016 was a particularly memorable year for her because it was then that she began to imitate Hillary Clinton (a woman that she greatly admired). She has also performed impersonations of politicians such as Kellyanne Conway and Elizabeth Warren. Outside of political leaders, Kate is well known for her funny Justin Bieber imitation. She has also played a variety of other celebrities throughout the years, including Shakira, Bella Hadid, Ellen DeGeneres, Iggy Azalea, and many others.

One of McKinnon’s most well-known film appearances came in 2016 when she voiced a character in the wildly acclaimed animated feature “Finding Dory.” She also starred in the revival of “Ghostbusters” that year. She had previously appeared in movies including “Balls Out,” “Ted 2,” and “The Angry Birds Movie.” Kate has also appeared in films such as “The Spy Who Dumped Me” and “Yesterday.”

McKinnon has also done a lot of work behind the scenes. With her sister Emily Lynne, she produced the online series Notary Publix. Kate and her sister teamed up once more in 2019 to develop the Audible audio series “Heads, Will Roll.”

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Kate Mckinnon Relationship Status

Kate began seeing her longtime girlfriend and companion, Jackie Abbott, in 2017.

When Kate and Jackie were discovered together at the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, it was their first public appearance.

Jackie is a photographer and actress.

It’s difficult to get updates on the couple’s relationship because neither of them is active on social media.

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Kate Mckinnon Saturday Night Live Salary:

While McKinnon’s precise SNL salary was never revealed, we may make an educated guess based on the following information: A season consists of 21 episodes. Cast members in their first season get $7,000 per episode or $147,000 per season. Second-year cast members are paid $8,000 per episode or $168,000 for the season.

If a cast member makes it to the fifth season, they will be paid $15,000 per episode, for a total of $315,000 per season. The greatest pay at SNL is reserved for those who have worked there for a long time or are particularly crucial to the show.

These high-paid individuals get paid $25,000 per episode or $525,000 per year. Kate McKinnon’s pay is likely to be on the higher end of that range.

Did Kate Mckinnon Leave SNL?

Kate joins Saturday Night Live for the 38th season in April of 2012.

SNL sleuths speculated in May 2021 that the comedian was leaving the programme and would not return for the 47th season.

“It’s like this thing….that you never do leave,” she told Variety at the time. It’s a family and an institution like no other… People come back and do things, and my heart will never go.”

However, the actress has returned to the show and is now a member of the repertory cast.

Kate received the Emmy for Supporting Role Actress in a Comedy Series twice for her role on the show, the first in 2016 and the second in 2017.

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