What Is Kane Lim’s Net Worth 2023 – How Rich is the Bling Empire Star?

kane lim net worth
kane lim net worth

The American reality TV show Bling Empire came out on Netflix on January 15, 2021. The show is about the lives of rich, materialistic East and Southeast Asian-American socialites who live in the Los Angeles area. 

These people are called “Crazy Rich Asians” because they are rich and materialistic. It is the first American reality TV show where the main characters are all East and Southeast Asians who live in the US. Netflix picked up the show for a second season on March 10, 2021. The second season premiered on May 13, 2022. The start of the third season was on October 5, 2022.

Kane Lim: Net Worth 2023

Kane has a net worth of $20 million, according to The Source. This could go up even more now that he’s launching an athleisure line called B.L.I.N.G., which stands for “Because Life Is Not Guaranteed,” as reported by Bloomberg in August 2023.

But it looks like some of Kane’s bling goes to good causes. His Oppenheim Group bio says that he has been a “lifelong philanthropist” who gives to charities like Miracles for Kids and Uplift Services.

Kane Lim: Early Life Details

Kane Lim was born in Singapore on December 5, 1989.

Lim lives in the U.S. right now, and his birth sign is Sagittarius.

Lim finished school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2013. He is a Singaporean businessman and reality TV star who has been on Netflix’s popular reality show “Bling Empire.”


Kane Lim: Career Details

When he was 17, Lim started his own business.

At age 20, he had his first million dollars. On his Instagram page, he says that he is an entrepreneur, a developer of real estate, an investor, and a philanthropist. From Los Angeles, he focuses on his family business’s investments.

Fashion is what he loves most. We can see his fabulous wardrobe on his Instagram feed. It has hard-to-find diamond-studded watches from Audemars Piguet and the newest clothes from brands like Dior and Balenciaga.

Lim joined the cast of Netflix’s new reality show “Bling Empire” in the year 2021. In Los Angeles, it followed a group of wealthy Asian and Asian American friends.He became famous because of the show. He wasn’t spoiled as a child like other rich kids in Singapore.

Instead of driving him to school every day, his father forced him to take the bus. The family is said to own office buildings and shopping malls.

Lim told an interviewer in 2019 that he started buying stocks when he was 17. He asked his father for a loan and paid it back in two months. Today, Kane is putting a lot of his money into real estate in Los Angeles.


How Does Kane Lim Spend His Money?

Kane Lim Spends His Money On Expensive Shoes And Jewelry.

Shoe Collection:

It has been said that Kane’s shoe collection is worth $360,000.


Lim likes to wear jewellery, and he has been seen wearing some of the most expensive jewellery in the world.

Kane Lim Real Estate

Kane Lim also owns several properties in Los Angeles, including a fancy West Hollywood apartment where he lives and where his living room has been turned into a showcase for his expensive Christian Louboutin sneaker collection.

His other 1,516-square-foot, 1950s-built Mount Washington home is for sale for just under $1.9 million in 2022. His house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, all of which are decorated in Japanese and Scandinavian styles.


Favorite Quotes from Kane Lim 

“I loved the film. When my friends first invited me to the premiere, I was like, ‘I’m not going. I don’t want to watch a crazy rich show. I just thought that the connotations of being rich could come off as very negative, obnoxious, rude, and in your face.”

“Singapore represents a multicultural, all-embracing, melting pot of people. I grew up with Indians, Malays, Chinese, Caucasians, and African-Americans. I really appreciate that upbringing. The country is also really accepting in terms of religion.”

“A lot of the population is not doing well, especially during Covid, and that’s why I think we should do our part to help. I always advocate charity on my Instagram and social media. My parents have always been advocates for non-profits, and we support one that helps a thousand patients a day for free medical needs.” 

“I think in Buddhism, letting go of things doesn’t mean you have to let go of the current moment completely. “You can own it, but you don’t have a fear of losing it. So if I lose something today, I have to be able to let that go. It doesn’t mean I have to throw my material stuff away. What Buddhism teaches you is not to have the idea of grasping it too tightly.”

“She thanked me for highlighting Buddhism. It’s a religion that is so passive that people don’t really talk about it. She said [through] the way I had expressed it, I had made Buddhists proud. I am so happy that it came across that way.”

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