What Is The RHOSLC Star’s Net Worth: How Rich Is Heather Gay?

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Heather Gay is a member of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She’s been on the show since it started in November 2020 and has won the hearts of many viewers.

Some of the most popular cast members from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City spin-off have appeared on the show. And the amount of money that the Real Housewives have is always a topic of interest to viewers.

Heather Gay is one of the show’s cast members, and her fans might be interested in how much money Heather Gay has.

So, To know more information about her source of income and net worth? Keep reading below!

Who Is Heather Gay?

Heather gay is an entrepreneur and reality tv star from the US. Heather Gay is famous for being a star on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC).gay heather

Also, She is the creator of the Salt Lake City-based Beauty Lab and Laser, a facility that offers cosmetic procedures like Botox.

Her medspa advertises itself as a cosmetic medical practice with the best lip injections, skin care treatments, and weight loss treatments.

Additionally, according to her official Bravo profile, she is a “devout Mormon from birth.”

Heather Gay, Is She Married?

She was married for 11 years, but she just broke up with her husband. She stopped going to the Mormon church, which she had been a part of since she was born after she got divorced.

However, Heather currently only has one child, and she is now single again.

Heather Gay’s Net Worth?

According to the-sun, Heather Gay’s net worth is estimated to be $1.7 million as of 2022.

         Full Name         Heather Gay
         Date Of Birth         June 29, 1982
         Profession   TV Actress & Founder of Beauty Lab+Laser
         Gender           Female
         Birthplace          The United States

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Heather Gay’s Source Of Wealth?

Heather’s Business Venture

Her primary source of wealth is reportedly Beauty Lab + Laser, the beauty and wellness spa which she co-owns and operates with her business partner, Andrea Robinson.

Her company offers packages for Mini Lip Plump, Cool Sculpting, Stretch Mark Solution treatment, Custom Contour, Hydrafacial, Feel the Peels and Beauty Lab Skincare.

Heather’s RHOSLC Show

Heather g 3

The Real Housewives is one of the most-watched reality shows on TV right now.

Heather also gets paid for being on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Bravo doesn’t reveal the cast members’ salaries, but they are undoubtedly high and are expected to make her a lot more money.

Heather’s Book Publication

Heather also wrote a book called Bad Mormon: A Memoir. she talks about her life as a Mormon and how it has been since she left. She talks about her shocking divorce and how it made her stop being a Mormon.

The reality television star isn’t shy about thinking back on her past adversity while also acknowledging how far she has come. It was a difficult story for her to tell, but it was bluntly honest.

According to monsters and critics, Bad Mormon: A Memoir will be published in February 2023, and it will definitely add to her wealth as well.

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