Dre McCray is a well-known person whose TikTok account, which goes by the name @xo.cray, is very popular. She also owns a business that sells accessories called Blingin’ On A Budget.

She also has a channel on YouTube called Andrea McCray, which has tens of thousands of followers. It has more than 36,700 followers right now. The name of her other channel is The McCray Tribe, and 7.62K people follow it.

McCray is well known for her makeup tutorials and other original work. She has put a few videos of her loving husband Vonny on her YouTube account.

Dre seems to be going through a hard time right now because her husband is in a coma. She often posts on TikTok about how her husband is doing.

Dre Mccray: Net Worth 2022

De McCray should have a net worth between $285 and $1,71K as of 2022. But the corrected information about her earnings hasn’t been made public yet. Reports say that her YouTube channel gives her more than $100 a week. It’s been almost 11 years since she started posting videos on YouTube. We don’t know yet how McCray pays his bills. She is more worried about how quickly her husband will get better.

What Happened To Dre McCray’s Husband, And Who Is He?

Vonny McCray, who is married to Dre McCray, served in the armed forces. After being married for seven years, the couple reportedly started making plans for their legal wedding.

As a result of the bad things that happened earlier, Vonny is now in a coma. Even so, McCray is sure that her prayers will help her husband get better because of his illness.

McCray said on TikTok that his beautiful wife, Vonny, seems to have had a brain injury. The woman is putting all of her attention on her husband now that he is feeling better.

On June 16, she posted a message on Instagram in which she said that Von’s surgery had gone well. She also said that the g-tube and the track had been put in correctly.

At this point, the other details about his injury, the diagnosis, and the outlook are not important. She said that the right information would be released as soon as Vonny was well enough to leave the hospital.

Everyone will feel a little bit warmer inside when they think about how much love and care McCray has shown for her husband and how much thought and work she has put into his recovery.

dre mccray
dre mccray

Some Thoughts On The Weight Loss Journey Of Slay With Dre McCray

Andrea McCray is known as “Slay With Dre McCray” on Facebook. In the past few months, social media influencer has lost a lot of weight. In January 2022, she posted pictures of herself that showed how much she had changed in the past seven months.

With Dr. Sebi’s help, she changed her diet and added sea moss, moringa, and herbal teas, which have all changed the way her body heals from illness. She put videos on her YouTube channel about how she lost weight so that people could learn more about this way of life.


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